Sewn in creases

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ilikechips, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. Good evening.

    Just as a random quick one, how much would you usually expect the tailors in the QM's to charge for installing a nice set of sewn in creases in a pair of C95 trousers?
  2. So are you a giver or receiver? How do you decide who's Martha / Arther? Does it hurt having a big willy pushed up your pipe?
  3. £1-3s-6d for a nice set
  4. Tailors in the QM's?? Jesus where are you?
    No, No, No...last time i saw sewn in creases was in training 1988. Now i see it and think "Stab".
  5. You iron creases in your 95 trousers????
  6. Im thinking for when shaving with, or on the odd day trip out.
  7. I'm thinking "Get a fcuking life"
  8. Sewn in creases is so 80's

    get your firkin Iron Out and use it with a bit of starch (don't forget to turn the thing on) FFS
  9. Sewn in creases is way too hom. Probably Muslim too. Or Jesuit. And possibly Lesbian.
  10. You are so going to hell. Save me a seat, there's a good lad.

    I'll be the one in sewn in creases (wtf) and the sleeves cut off my shirt (wtf). Oooh I'll have a big badge on saying "I am TA" as well.

    Oh - hang on a minute........ :roll:
  11. Sewn in creases are utter gash. The sartorial equivalent of a car bonnet with an air-intake that doesn't go anywhere.
  12. You mean the army hasn't abandoned use of an iron? Thats funny because soldiers these days appear to have exchanged "Smartly turned out" for "Ally with holes."

    My cousin has been in less than a year and he came home on leave this summer in kit that looked like it had been pressed with a HESH round.
  13. Funny as f uck. :)
  14. The only people who I ever saw with sewn in creases were stabs and remfs. They were the same people who were likely to have zips in their combat highs,58 pattern webbing belts and their sleeves rolled up on their combat jackets.
  15. So much of a spakker that he was given a dog to do the hard graft for him...