Sewed myself up, need advice.

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Flagrantviolator, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. Earned myself a 5 cm long, 1 cm deep gash to the leg, just below the calf, yesterday. Went to the local emergency room, was told it as a 6 + hour wait to see a doc. So I decided to sew it up myself with sterilised needle and thread. terilized everything in isopropyl, washed out wound with boiled water from a boiled bowl, alcohol directly into wound, packed wound with polysporin, sewed shut. 7 stiches total.
    Question is, is my sterilization method acceptable, are there any precautions I missed, should I expect a brutal infection, and how would I recognise said infection if it were to develope?
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. It's my professional medical opinion that you're about to die a very slow and painful death - Sorry old chap, you had a good run.
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  3. Whats your real name? Rambo, John J?

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  4. You may need anti biotics also as a precaution.
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  5. well. you may need a tetanus booster. you may get localised cellulitis, leading to infection. . depends on how you sewed yourself up. was it a clean lac? did you debride/clean the wound? did you clean around the lac and shave any hirsuteness ?

    yep, it's all over. start your last will and testament.
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  6. Since you've asked on the RAMC forum, I'll save you time. Tubigrip and take two Brufen three times a day. Do you want a sick chit?
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  7. If it's a very neat wound from someting very sharp and thin then duct tape or nail glue will do, I ran a wood carving tool over the muscle on my palm once and the cut was so thin/neat that it healed in days with no scar from just holding the edges together with some surgical tape.

    If it's ragged and nasty it will need proper debridement and toilet before it gets stitched up, possibly even resecting first to make it knit properly/neatly, that also means having it scrubbed to remove any ingrained shite a simple wash out may miss.

    As you haven't done all that you are going to need anti bitotics, you also failed to mention how you managed to sterilise the thread you used.
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  8. Probably better than A&E could do.
  9. Used isopropyl to sterilize everything . Not a jagged wound.Glass pane made the wound whilst doing demolition work. Should have probably used glue, butI don't like the thought of introducing cyanates into my bloodstream. I did resect it a bit to align the flaps so's they would knit properly.
  10. H3

    H3 LE

    A 6 hour wait or loosing my leg below the knee .... Think I'd wait , once knew a chap who broke his ankle which got infected , yep they had to amputate it in the end , It was your call though !!!
  11. Nail glue is the same as medical glue and doesn't contain harmful cyanates.

    Go back to the quacks, it needs looking at again as demolition work is filthy and you wont have got all the shit out, you could also have glass in it you haven't seen.
  12. Seven stitches in a 5cm cut ? get down the A&E to be on the safe side
  13. Thanks guys. Will go to quacks. They're gonna freak, eh? Don't look forward to that conversation
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  14. What size boots?
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