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I'm spending a few days in Seville this June, does anyone have any tips on what I should do, see, eat, drink or not do? I don't really care for museums but any other tips will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks...
The Plaza de Espania is a stunning bit of architecture and well worth a walk around (there is also a Military Museum there as well). The adjacent Parque de Maria Luisa is lovely for walking on a nice day.

The University of Seville is also open to the public and is another stunning building - you appreciate it even more when you realise it was originally built as a privately owned tobacco factory.

The Jardines de Murillo is another nice public garden and leads you onto the old part of the city - lots of nice old buildings, small shops, bars etc.

The Cathedral de Seville is impressive from the outside (I didn't go inside) and there were some excellent street musicians playing outside the cathedral - usually playing flamenco or traditional spanish guitar music.

There are lots of shops and some very good restaurants in the city centre. I can't remember the one I ate in but the food was outstanding and you are spoiled for choice.

The river has paths, parks and gardens on both banks, with various bars and ice cream parlours - very pleasant to stop for a cold beer on a hot day.

I've only spent a day there but I'd like to go back for a proper look some day.

PS In june it will be very hot... a pair of decent shades and a hat to keep the sun off the head will be useful.. :)
Fantastic city.

Visit the Alcazar. Take the boat trip on the Guadalquivir River. Visit the World Fair site.

Eat tapas. Drink beer.

Be prepared for very hot weather. Possibly bearable in June but a right bastard in August.

I'm not exactly a fan of dancing but I was impressed when the trouble forced me to go to a flamenco evening.

The oranges grow on trees all over the place. Nobody eats them as they are bitter as feck.
Plenty of great architecture, Roman ruins (italica) on the outskirts of the city well worth a look, but to be honest have been going to Sevilla for the last 20 years (married a Sevillana) and yet to see everything as I prefer to find an out of the way cafe and spend my days watching the world going by, but the Alcazar de Sevilla (the king's palace) and La Plaza de Espana are impressive, if there on a Sunday there are various markets, an Art one in plaza del museo (I have bought around 20 paintings mainly of bulls from there) it is right next to the art museum, some obvious places like the cathedral (la Giralda) and various others dotted around town, places like triana are worth a wander in the evening and just find a bar, for the best food in the city imho is Eslava on calle Eslava, need to call and book most of the year round, excellent food and drink, parking in Sevilla centre is tricky so either give yourself half an hour to find a spot or just pay the few euros for a multi story, I have never seen any dramas there except someone Parked behind the in laws motor and left car in gear with hand brake on so he smashed the window and took brake off and put in neutral then pushed it out the way and off we went! There is a lot of bars and restaurants that have Flamenco nights and absolutely a must also in June I think the first two Sundays are bullfights at el plaza del torro there is a Flamenco festival on but not sure of the dates, all in all Sevilla is a top destination for foodies and drinkies? Sights are great and the sun is hot, June should be around 30 to 35C though the travel sights will tell you 25 for some reason, maybe my temp clock is off?
Anyway enjoy, it really is a great place
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Wonderful city, really enjoyed a four-day trip there last summer. Book tickets online for the Real Alcazar for the following day, as the on-the-day queue to get tickets stretches round the block. As others have said, many good restaurants and bars and the food is generally excellent.


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Went there on a cruise a few years back. (We got a coach there from whatever port we’d docked in) Really nice town.

The sort of place where you can quite happily just wander around all day, stopping in little cafes and restaurants, watching the world go by.

Echoing what others have said above, it was brutally hot.
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