Severe weather causing flight disruption

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lifesabummer, Dec 20, 2010.

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  1. From Europes busiest airport, Heathrow

    Update – 20:00 UK time
    Due to the continuing bad weather, further flight delays and cancellations are likely over the coming days and beyond. We are operating a reduced schedule until 06:00 on Wednesday, 22 December.

    Please do not travel to the airport unless you have a confirmed booking with your airline [contact your airline]. If you can travel at another time, please do so. The flight information board below shows the current status of each flight. If the flight status shows ‘contact airline’, this flight will unfortunately not be operating today.

    Meanwhile at one of the worlds snowest airports

    Helsinki airport had 188cm (six feet) of snow last winter but the last time it was forced to close because of the weather was in 2003.

    That closure lasted for half an hour.

    This winter planes have been taking off and landing as normal despite an unusually heavy snowfall in December - 65cm (more than two feet).

    BAA what a joke
  2. I don't imagine you are comparing like with like, not that I think our roads and other transport networks have enough investement.
  3. Serves 'em right for privatising BAA to that Spanish consortium, which is only interested in making money out of the sunglasses shops and Harrods emporiums in the terminals.

    If it was still under government ownership we could expect to see ministers grovelling far more than they are.

    But in truth they cannot stop BAA investing in more TGY Fridays and Pret a Mangers, rather than more snow ploughs.

    The airlines know this and are happy to carry on dictating terms to BAA on a commercial basis themselves.
  4. Just a thought, being one of the worlds snowiest airports they will have the infrastructure, training and experienced staff in place to deal with regular bouts of snow. Could you really justify the expenditure and training for UK airports to deal with the snow that hasn't been this bad in 30 years? Even if we did have the infrastructure and man power in place the skill fade would be so bad we couldn't deal with it.

    The worlds hottest airport has the correct infrastructure to deal with the heat - should we start installing extra air conditioning units, heat shield and better UV glass on the off chance of a heat wave? (We could but then feckers like you would moan like feck about the massive rise in ticket prices/taxes to pay for it all.)

    It's not 'Severe Arctic Weather Conditions' it's a thing called Winter.

    Toodle pip.
  5. The Spanish Consortium that bought BAA is Ferovial. And BAA has just awarded the contract to build the new Terminal 2 at Heathrow to ... Ferovial.
  6. CC_TA

    'We had an unexpected 5 inches of snow'

    'We have invested an extra £500000 on equipment this year'

    'We are so proud that last year we did not close throughout the winter period'

    You have never done a winter tour in the Falklands where 5 inches of snow are laughed at, and before you get on your high horse, the runway had to be completly clear 24, 7, 365.

    Yeah, how dare moaning ******* like me complain.

    Oh and stick your Toodle pip up yer arrse
  7. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I see that Gatwick has spent millions buying something like 95 new snow clearing vehicles, of which 2 are reported to have arrived yesterday. That will be the airport sold off by BAA after Monopolies/Mergers broke up BAA to promote competition. The airport which was operating at 50% of its normal schedule until earlier this evening (fresh snow). The airport which was not running at barely 1/3 - the BAA one. The airport that is not owned by a bunch of heavily indebted Pedro's who aren't getting on top on this 'crisis' (ha, ha, a few inches of snow is a crisis in the UK!!!)

    Oh, and on a related note, I wonder how many of those 1/3 (if that) flights that took off from Heathrow were B.A.'s? As the voice of experience, I doubt there were many. If you have a straight choice between B.A. and another airline, any time of year, and the price differential is < £100, ALWAYS go with the other airline. B.A. are the only airline I have seen (worked at 'their' terminal for 3 years) who cancel their entire schedule at the slightest bit of inclimental weather.
  8. I imagine Heathrow has a few more planes, taxi and runways to keep clear than Helsinki does.

  9. So if it's a regular occurance (and I imagine snow to be so, in the northern hemisphere), why the **** is England brought to a standstill? I remember many threads about it last year as well, not so much heathrow as all other modes of transport.

    Perhaps you could remove those rose-coloured glasses and admit your government is woefully incompetent and ill-prepared for something it faces every damn year
  10. Well, it may be that Helsinki is a bit more used to it. However, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Venice, Pisa, Paris, Geneva and many others were also closed with passengers sleeping on the floors there as well. So not just the UK ones. Even the Deutsche Bundesbahn was showing disruption on the railways and the commuter trains around Berlin were disrupted. Cardiff isn't a BAA airport but was also closed until 1600 today as was Dublin although Cork was open. Seems like problems all round.
    Oh, and "every damn year". Hardly. Jan'Feb this year but we have only had 3 out of the last 15 years causing disruption. Maybe there is something to this climate change bit after all, but I doubt it. More likely just weather patterns.
  11. People in the UK are generally incompetent and ill-prepared as well as local authorities/Government.

    My glasses are not rose tinted, more piss stained.

    I shall try that now - inserting the Toodle pip up my arrse, sounds more fun than a Falklands winter tour. (I don't think the Falklands have as much to clear and support as Heathrow.)
  12. Bollox to the snow in the Falklands. As far as I remember, the bloody snow never settled cos the winds were so bloody strong it just blew sideways! The only time I got stuck was on a beach where an Islander had landed and we all had to get out and turn it round and dig the thing out of the sand and penguin shit.
  13. I am outraged that no one has had the foresight to blame Thatcher for this. Everything else that goes wrong is her fault. Surely this can be lumped in with it.
  14. Well she has to share some of the blame she sold off BA and had Freddie Laker killed.
  15. I thought he did cricket?