Severe stitch when running

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Machiavellian, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. Training up for recruitment selection, whenever I go running I always get a really bad stitch when running. I've tried to look up ways to get rid of this problem, but none seem to work for me.

    Any of you have some advice to help me get past this problem? Its seriously hampering my run times, and there's no way I'll get a pass at recruitment selection at this rate.
  2. First off: get your lung capacity checked out by a Doctor. Only takes a few minutes and gives instant readout. I always had trouble running despite having a good physique and doing lots of training. I eventually discovered that I had relatively small lungs for my build: a hereditary thing. Nothing I could do about it, but at least I felt less of a spaz!
  3. You get a stitch because excess C02 in your blood starts to cramp up your diaphragm. You get excess C02 by not exhaling as much as you should. It sucks, and yeah, can really knock your run times.

    I find that a good hard exhale every minute or so will help, but of course your left with a bit of 02 deficiency for a the next few steps, which if you're not careful will just leave you gulping down air and causing a stitch anyway. Works for me though, though just works as a general guide and, if like Beentheredonethat you have some kind of medical condition then I can't help, sorry. Good luck anyways!
  4. - try to avoid eating or drinking within half hour of a run

    - If it gets 'really bad' try raising your arms above your head as this is supposed to stretch your diaphragm a bit.

    - if all else fails suck it in you pussy!

  5. What ever happened to attitude? Run thought it…..
  6. Dave's right. The only thing which is going to help you is pain. No pain - no gain.

    That should tell you all. If it's not hurting, you're not doing enough and when it stops hurting - do more.
  7. I think that was 'Run through it...' as opposed to thinking about running but deciding not to, which about sums up my fitness regime.
  8. just ignore the pain mate and push yaself

    the more u think about it the more its gonna hurt..
  9. Thanks for being my spell checker Stroker and absolutely right, never think or should that be volunteer.
  10. Through my career as a registered healthcare proffessional i have seen this syndrome many times. It is what is known as LMF, Lack of Moral Fibre.

    Get a grip
  11. Try running a little slower! Build up your speed gradually over time. Trying to do it all at once will not work. All you will do is injure and demoralise yourself. Next time dont sit around eating crisps and playing PS2 for 16 years before deciding to do some exercise at the last safe moment!
  12. All the advice given here is good and should be followed, if it can be helped do the suggestions that will help get rid of it, but if not then the best thing to do is just run through is. I also picked up the idea of clenching and un-clenching your fists while running, it doesnt actually do anything but takes your mind off the stitch.
    The advice about taking deep breaths is very good to, i found this by accident while running completely gassed an breathing out me backside and needing to spit, have to sort of take a deep breath before spitting to keep air in yourself. Helps regulate breathing to.
  13. Grit your teeth, clench your fists, look out your own height and fcuking get on with it.
  14. This did help quite a bit, thanks for the tip.

    Run is currently at about 11 minutes, so now I just need to bring that down past 10:30 for recruitment selection.
  15. stop running !!!!!!!!!!!!