Several questions regarding being an infantry soldier

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Belfastlad, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. Hey I have a few questions to ask about the role before signing up.

    1. Although I know you can, would I have any problems being recruited in another country in the United Kingdom? I currently live in Londonderry (NI) but have eyes on Scotland.

    2. When being called out for active duty can you bring home items along with you? And if you do do you have to carry them with you where ever you go.

    3. While out on deployment, will I have a fixed area in which I will stay for the sixth months or will a be constantly moving from place to place.

  2. I'm not infantry but:

    1. You can join up anywhere so long as you've got all the right paperwork.

    2. Depends what it is - some Saddam money or a nice rug yes, a kilo of the local skag or an AK-47 no. You can do what you like with them when you get home.

    3. Depends what job you do, what your unit's tasked to do and the situation in theatre while you're there.
  3. Cheers for the quick reply mate. I was thing though regarding question 2. Canned goods, money, Cool Box, mug insulators, many gentlemen mags, spare clothes, laptop and a camara.
    All good yes?
  4. Ah right, I thought you meant can you buy stuff while you're away to bring back with you. You can normally take stuff with you if you can fit it in your baggage - how much baggage you get varies from your weight limit on the plane to a comfy box, again depending on your unit and where you're going. Stuff like cameras, cash etc isn't a problem. Porn's officially frowned on going into Muslim countries but I've never known anyone get it taken off them - you're better off with films on your laptop/external HDD than mags though.
  5. Absolutely, how will you manage with such little kit?

    I will give you a good tip, buy a second hand caravan and hitch it to the back of your Landrover and drive to your deployment. Then, as well as somewhere to sleep, you have access to a microwave, a fridge to keep the beer cool and a place to take any of the local birds you might tap off with.
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  6. Thanks again mate.
    Just wondering will it not be a bit cumbersome, especially up in the mountains.
  7. What a great idea bushmills!
  8. He'll need his Mam too.
  9. Is this a wind up?
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  10. He needs to look in the car forum. I reckon he needs a 4x4 or a motorhome.
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  11. Or maybe he could buy a big fuckoff shell and put it on his back like a snail. An MTP one would suffice.
  12. Maybe his Mam could carry it?
  13. HI,
    Think ahead, Scotland is going out of the loop, and they wear skirts.
  14. On the plus side they do not wear underwear under those skirts.
  15. Yes bruised testicles seem the norm, up there.