Several Jewish folk demonstrate against Palestine occupation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, May 16, 2004.

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  1. I interpret this demonstration as a reasonable reaction against the racist Foreign Policy currently being deployed by the US thoughout the region. I believe that both Yassir Arafat and Ariel Sharon are both mass murderers in their own right. I have read numerous articles published in Israel that claim most folks there do not support the radical Likud Party and its Platform any more than most folks in America support the racist, murderous neocons and their grand PNAC agenda.
  2. I’m sorry, and perhaps I’m mistaken, but haven't you just contradicted the tone and validation of your previous arguments across the board by this posting?

    Are you now saying that the majority of Israelis are in fact pro Palestine in their request for across the board reform of the treatment of Arab Israeli?

    Has not your tone been that the 'oppressive' Israeli State has conspired with others to maintain the fiction underdog guise and to deny the Arab Israeli any rights what so ever?

    (A supposition not entirely true based on the fact there is free vote elections with polling open to all Israeli citizens regardless of race or religion.)

    So now its hand in glove Israel/USA…

    Interesting wasn’t it them and us the spying nation* just a few days ago…

    Again I’m sorry, but have you recently stopped taking prescription drugs perhaps?

    *Insert other words here at will

    edited due to lack of sleep........and shit spelling
  3. GeneralQuarters, I have not taken the time to read your posts so this view may be blinkered.
    Chatting with others it would appear there is a large amount of hostility towards you. Mainly, in my opinion, because you attempted to deny the systematic extermination of over 6 million Jews and millions of other groups such as gypsies and the disabled by Nazi Germany. Please realise your views will not be accepted by any sane, decent human being. The idea of trying to deny the Holocaust is repulsive, you should be ashamed of yourself.
    This is just my opinion and I speak only for myself but, in my opinion, if you are to carry on voicing viewpoints like this your stay on ARRSE will be an unpleasant one. This is not a threat, more an observation. I've seen the ARRSE punishment squad at work, frankly I'm glad they've let me get away with being RMP as I wouldn't want them on my case! Do yourself a favour, post viewpoints like the one I mention above on a board where it will be recieved well - I'm sure there are plenty of fascist orientated message boards out there.
  4. GQ It would seem that arseh*le and your mouth are one and the same, both spew sh*te.
  5. I think GQ has a place on ARRSE. There is a tiny minority out there who subscribe to conspiracy theories and denial of historical events, whether the Holocaust or JFK and beyond. GQ just lets himself down with some contradictions in his own views and comments. Reading some of his copied articles, I can see why people believe this. It’s like a jigsaw of bits of information stuck together to make a different version of events. But whilst there are living witnesses to past events who can verify what happened/occurred, then this tiny minority who think differently will remain just that, tiny. But one thing I can’t understand is some people’s denial of the Holocaust. There is so much documentary evidence and living witnesses to what happened. Maybe denial is how some humans cope with the magnitude of what is really going on in this big, bad world of ours?


    LOL, you make it sound like a Belfast civil admin team !! The nutting squad !!
  6. Yeah. If GQ fecks off we'll never find out how Mossad controls the Lizard People.

  7. Ah, but have we stopped to consider that GQ's posts make him look like a cnut because they are being intercepted and rewritten by Mossad or Shin Beth? He has already told us that they hijack his bandwidth.

    At least GQ makes a change, representing as he does a viewpoint diametrically opposed by those Septics on, say,, where a significant number of contributors appear to be just as separated from reality as GQ. The general impression given by is that Europe is massively anti-semitic and anti-American, as well as a seething hotbed of islamic fundamentalism just waiting to turn on the USA. Curiously, many of the pro-Zionists there remind us all to remember the Holocaust (who could forget it?), whilst proposing a 'kill all muslims' solution in the middle east. Many contributors believe themselves to be 'Irish' or 'Scotch' and think that the British continue to repress the countries their ancestors ran away from many years ago.

    Thank goodness we still have Bubblehead, Winger, Ctauch and the other Septics, who, although probably outrageously obese and bizarrely dressed, provide a reasoned view from acros the pond.
  8. I can vouch for Cuntach. He keeps PM'ing me asking if I'd like to see his photos of him wearing a flowery dress. I of course, declinded the offer. Ahem.......
  9. Hmmm.. do they work?
  10. Btw you did not argue the merits of my comments or dispute anything in the posted article.
  11. manchestermonkey has his
    Btw I have been asked not to bring up the "H" word nor talk about certain individuals currently being held in Canada in solitary, without charge, trail, et cet for 15 months now running. I did not mention the "H" word in this post nor am I interested in discussing it in this topic nor in any other topic in this forum unless and until I am given a green light by a certain MOD.

    So, as you all so famously say, bugger offwith the "H" word and leave it alone.

  12. [​IMG]
    Notwithstanding the fact you should see a proctologist as soon as possible, you should thereafter attempt to address the merits, or lack thereof, of my topic.

  13. Thanks.

    Btw I did not bring up the "H" word, why did you?

    So what is going on with these demonstrations and what does such a large number in the streets really represent?
  14. That's right. I am trying to find out and I will get back to you.

    In the mean time, what do you think is going on with the topic demonstration?