Seven troop, "Andy Mcnabb"

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by petergriffen, Sep 15, 2008.

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    picked it up as a special offer here, it's all about the time he spent in 7 troop B squadron, I have not finished it yet but it's pretty sober reading (to a civie like me), suicides, murder's religion....and an SBS guy on the run from the legion while scoffing mars bar''ll have to read the book to find out the story.

    any way, it does shed a little bit of light on what goes on or maybe what used to go on.....some guy's seemed to be very much the worse for wear after being in the SAS.....
  2. I've read this book twice during this week. It returns to the B20 / Immediate Action period with more infil on the personalities and anedotes covered to a lesser extent in his first two tomes.

    It's well written, the style conversational as if the author was sat alongside you giving you an update on characters and times gone by. 'Andy' focuses on Frank (Padre Two Zero) and Nish (Big Nose) throughout. How they all interact and react to the military events in their lives. Both were to commit suicide having themselves told their story in book form.

    I had cynically flipped it off the shelf in Asda to start with and now I'm glad that I did. A couple of points for the author however -

    Frank didn't bring the 'Weaver Stance' to the Regt. Alec was teaching that shooting stance in 1972.

    As for Snapper and his 'chit' - Cyril the Squirrel who sadly passed away in March of this year, was famous for that one, well before 'Soldier I'
  3. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    So its two thumbs up?

  4. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Future poster warning. Comments on the author will be deleted for 'going over old ground' and 'being as boring as my toe nail fungus collection'. That's not to say the author is boring, no sir, not at all. And can I have your old Q7 please.
  5. I was at a funeral a few years back and Nish was there, sadly he killed himself not long after. He wrote a book called 'Freefall' under the pseudonym Tom Read.
  6. Didn't a number of ex "green eyed" boys have similar issues?
  7. I’ve also just finished this book and thought it was very well written and thoroughly enjoyable.

    I have read Bravo Two Aero and Immediate Action in the past, but Seven Troop has really changed my opinion of
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    See, there you go already - see what the MOD said?

    I may have to, in the light of the verdict on this book, go out and buy it. I'm pleased to hear it's not the usual 'pulp fiction' - oh bugger, that's me in the dog-house too isn't it! 8O
  10. And what a great book it was. I was reading freefall while on holiday in Goa and by a bizzare coincidence met someone at the resort who been a mate of Nish in one of the para battalions (2 I think) and had been surprised when he saw the book and who it was by. An even bizzarer coincidence was that I knew the Para's brother from when he served in the Grenadier Guards.
    Freefall is a great read.
  11. In my humble opinion, the best of the 'B' Sqn reads this far.
  12. Well the man hisself is pitching up at the National Army Museum on the 30th. October to sign copies :D
    I'll post if he pays me my 10% agent fees for that one.
  13. Was 7 troop a bit of a brainey troop then, when you consider that they produced Soldier I, Andy Mcnabb and both the parachutist and the the Vicar wrote books?

    They must be the most publised unit in Military History!

  14. You could add Pete Scholey and the one who calls himself Chris Ryan to your list. As the squadron tie is now a 'winged' fountain pen, therein lies the clue :D
  15. [quote="Alec_Lomas

    Well the man hisself is pitching up at the National Army Museum on the 30th. October to sign copies :D
    I'll post if he pays me my 10% agent fees for that one.[/quote]

    according to the NAM website he will be talking about the new Nick Stone novel, "Brute Force"