Seven Floor

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Minxy, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. Seven Floor

    If your a little bored fellas/ ladies this should give you hours of thrapping/stumming!

    Not work safe!!! :roll: :D

    24 folders containing 75 Black and White Photos of Ladeeeeeeees.

    Unfortunately the upload is a tad slow on some, but there are some fantastic pics!

    Little Example:

    Its all about Mud


    Enjoy!! :wink:
  2. You're right Mereminx, they are not work-safe!

    I always did like monochrome anyway and these are a tad more tasteful than most.

    And why is one of them wearing a Jubilee Medal?

  3. The net nannies are in force here so yet again i miss out, until some kind arrser out there puts the image on the site that is.

  4. Ok sparky, here's a relatively work-safe taster!!


  5. Yeah not very work safe but nice!
  6. would that qualify as art????
  7. 4/1 qualifies as art. Her eyes in particular!

    Bang goes this evening's work plans.... :lol:

  8. Cheers Ghost,

    But couldn't evensee that one, just the usual red x

    But thanks anyway.

  9. Something wrong with the hips on that number 4.
    Could she be - oh, heavens I pray - 'special'?
  10. Some very good and artsy type pics I feel. A nice find 'mereminx'.

  11. Now I know where mudflaps come from :D