Seven dwarves

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fairy_nuff, Aug 16, 2011.

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  1. It's on Channel 4, they freak me out don't know why
  2. Is it just me that would nail the bird?
  3. Is it because you can't stop thinking about being multi-gymed by them all? Like a mini-bukkake party?

    I'd go threes up on her with you. Think of all the things you could do to her! Proper bedroom olympics
  4. Its much better than watching Glee.
  5. Whilst spit roasting her, we'd be a bit close.
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  6. I haven't seen many things today as amusing as dwarves playing boxing and penalties in the xbox! I;m sorry but their little legs are dead comical!!
  7. Do dwarves watch dwarf porn, but just refer to it as porn?
  8. I am reliably informed by a mate that the beginning of 'Dwarf Porn' began with the evening antics of the Ooompa Loompas during the filming of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. They were raging alcoholics & sauce monsters who got up to badness & whoring away from the cameras. It was secretly filmed and a whole new genre of movies evolved.

    My wife is a dwarf and it is great. No VAT on clothing as she wears childrens clothes which are cheap. My only problem is that I can't nice lingerie in her petite size. Undressing her in her thirties and seeing 'my little Pony' on her knickers is somewhat of a turn off.
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  9. maxs sister get it
  10. i could hardly tell max and his sister apart...not only are they twins, they could be identical, it was like looking at a mirror image.
  11. Your wifes taste in lingerie I found a turn off too.... woops !! when I 69 her I could only lick her toe out
  12. I met one in a pub with my wife one night, since we were all tourists we got talking, she was a yank , I noticed her hands whilst handing her a drink and thought to myself they would make my knob look like a grand national winner, I felt a bit of a tremble in the trouser department, am I a wrong un?
  13. Plus they'd be at the right height.
  14. But we could Eiffel Tower her!

  15. High five! Stood up, wouldn't we just look like a big H?