Seven British Soldiers hurt in Iraq


Just up on Yahoo;

Seven British soldiers have been wounded in Basra, five in a car crash and two in a rocket attack, a military spokeswoman said.

The five injured in the car crash were in a vehicle that was hit from the rear by a civilian car. The rocket attack targeted a British base at Basra Palace, wounding two others, said Capt Katie Brown.

It came two days after a roadside bomb struck a British army patrol, killing one solider and wounding four others.

The Basra Palace was hit by several rockets last Thursday wounding six soldiers.

Britain, which has the largest troop contingent among the US allies, with about 7,000 soldiers in the Basra area, is planning to withdraw a large portion of them this year.

Best wishes on a speedy recovery lads & lassies.
Hope all goes well with the injured. Get well soon lads 'n' lasses

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