Seven Birmingham Men Arrested Under Terror Act

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cavemandave, Jul 6, 2012.

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  1. Seven men have been arrested on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism, West Midlands Police have said.

    Six of the men are from the West Midlands and one is from West Yorkshire.

    The arrests followed a routine stop of a vehicle by police on the M1 motorway in South Yorkshire on June 30.

    The car was impounded on suspicion of having no insurance.

    Firearms, offensive weapons and other material were later found hidden inside, prompting police to take action to trace and arrest the driver, passenger and others suspected of being involved.

    Six of the detainees are in their 20s and from the Sparkhill, Moseley, Alum Rock and Smethwick areas of the West Midlands and the seventh man is a 43-year-old from Kirklees.

    More to follow...
    Seven Men Arrested Under Terror Act
  2. Sounds legit...^_~
  3. who is running the book on religious background?
  4. 20P on it being Steve, John, frank, Nigel, Leigh, Mike and Ben
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  5. Can't be Mike, just had coffee with him in the canteen.
  6. The British police must have a really good rule book about differentiating offensive weapons from defensive weapons.
  7. Breaking news, four men also arrested in Guilford.
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  8. Do I understand correctly...

    Car impounded for not having insurance

    (at some later time/date -possibly up to a week later) search of vehicle result in find of weapons

    Plod then have to go and find driver (who hopefully hasn't done a runner!)

    West Midlands Police not having the best of weeks
  9. Far be it from me to point out, looking at these gentlemen on TV less then five minutes ago, but they all look vaguely 'not stereotypically Nigel-like'.

    As for the ****** on the other thread who accused me of being stupid when I asked about 'bomber profiling', perhaps there is something in it after all.

    Are we really supposed to think that those given the responsibilies of keeping this nation safe from terrorism actually do NOT have a 'bomber profile'?


  10. While there is a high likelyhood that the arrested persons are Muslim fundamentalists and possibly are of immigrant descent, don´t forget that there still exists homegrown terrorism as well, starting from local Muslim converts (often very fanatical) through Irish Republican dissidents (INLA, RIRA,CIRA etc.) to anarchist and communist fanatics (getting support now mainly in southern Europe through the economic crisis) and finaly Nazis (remember the group in Germany, which killed ten people over 7 years?). They also might be a group of kooks like Breivik or the militia in Alaska a while ago, which were simply against the US federal government.
  11. At least three of them are from Sparkhill. That virtually gaurantees the ethnic origin.

    I followed a white van through Sparkhill last week with "P***'s Go Home" written on the back. Remarkably brave move I thought.
  12. Driver was probably Indian then.
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  13. Possibly, I never saw the driver :)
  14. I can't believe anyone carting illegal weapons around would be so stupid as to do it in an illegal motor.
  15. They caught the first World Trade Centre bombers because they went back for the deposit on the rental van after the bombing.

    You can always rely on the muslims to be frugal to a fault.
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