Seven and a tanner?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Married_to_a_Brit, Oct 14, 2005.

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  1. Seven shilling and sixpence.
  2. waaaah?

    7 and sixpence - seven old shillings and 6 old pennies

    approx 37 and a half new pennies - ooo'er I'm off to have a lie down.
  3. 8O 8O 8O

    I recognise most of the words - but not the way in which they are presented.

    Could you attempt a translation?
  4. Waaahhh?

    shillings, you said the film was 1930's that would have been the money pre decimal system. No one was extracting the urine! :roll:
  5. WTF?

    Look here Married American Lady and this English Gal will put you straight:

    Old Money:

    There were 20 Shillings in one Pound. A Pound is still colloquially known as a "Quid"

    There were 12 Pennies in a Shilling.

    Therefore a Sixpence (Tanner) was Six Pennies or effectively half a Shilling.

    Just to egg the pudding so to speak there were other denominations as well:

    Florin - 2 Shillings - otherwise known as "Two Bob"

    Half Crown - Two Shillings and Sixpence - Otherwise known as "Half a Kick"

    Crown - Five Shillings - Was also nicknamed "A Dollar" due to fixed rate at the time of four Dollars in one Pound.

    Shilling - see above.

    Sixpence - see above.

    Threepence - Three old Pennies (as in show us yer thruppeny bits missus) :)

    Penny - see above.

    Halfpenny or H'apence - one half of an old Penny.

    Farthing - one quarter of an old Penny.

    Thus in one Pound:

    4 Crowns
    8 Half Crowns
    12 Shillings
    24 Sixpences
    48 Thruppences
    240 Pennies
    480 H'pennies
    960 Farthings

    Incidentally there was another price - that of the Guinea - this was 21 Shillings and things like hats, suits etc were often priced as "Four Guineas" or what ever.

    See - what was wrong with that? Simple system. We had to go and mess it up with all this Decimal craap of course though.

    Don't even get me started on Lbs, Ounces, Yards, Perches, Poles, Chains or even Furlongs.....

    Yanks - Things went to pot in 1776 and have slipped downhill ever since.
  6. How old RD!!!!:)
  7. What's a humor? :?
  8. Not THAT old Zorro! I was at Junior School as the Decimal craap was coming in. We had to learn the "Old Money" along with "Old" weights and measures off by heart and be able to "Sing" them just like 12X Tables.

    As a very small child my Birthday treat from Granny was a lovely Ten Bob note :)

    Still in green and still giving young whipper-snappers a run for their money :) Nothing as wily as a Senior Vixen :)
  9. Because we're not so thick we have to knock letters out of words to be able to spell them correctly.
  10. Well hey NEIGHBOR why not COLOR me green? Once when in Tappan, New York I remembered the advice my dear old Grandmother gave me - "If ever you are lost darling just ask a Policeman".

    Having approached a likely looking Police type chap I asked him for directions. His reply was a baffled look and "Maaam, Do you speak English?" I said "Yes, and it appears that you speak American" He did not see the funny side of it.

    His next sentence was "Maaam, Are you from out of state?" Ho hum. Johnny Foreigners the lot of you.