settling in the UK...

I intend on enlisting with the infantry as a commonwealth applicant very shortly. As I don't have a sponsor, I will have to start the process from scratch. I will need a modest source of income during this time - got plenty saved up - and a cheapish sort of place to stay.

Had a look at all this stuff on the net but it all seems a bit daunting and i dont really have a clue at what to be looking for. So basically I'm after some pointers i.e areas to stay and how to go about gaining work - decent labour hire companies??? etc.

All my previous employment in Australia has been unticketed metal-fabrication trades assistant stuff with some basic, apprentice-level MIG/TIG welding.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. cheers.
thanks for the pointer but i've already had a crack at that. You then get sent an email that outlines basic criteria all of which i meet - except one - that you have a sponsor if you wish to begin an overseas application.

because i dont have any relatives/contacts in the uk i obviously cant do this. i then jumped on the online careers office and was told that basically as long as I make it to the UK then i can start the application off the street with no need for a sponsor???

edited to make sense.

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