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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Tezlar, Jan 22, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys, i've always wanted to join the army, did ccf, otc etc.

    Only reason i havent so far was because of girlfriend etc but i can't get it out of my mind, i have a good job at the moment, but its just not the army, i went down the requriment office today, got all the bits and pieces, started my fitness regime, when i was looking before i was as fit as a butchers dog. but im now 22 and if i dont do it now i'll regret it for the rest of my life.

    am i too old to join up? im worried ive missed the boat etc. any support and advice is welcome. for some reason im really bricking it!
  2. Not too old, ditch the dorris and do some phys.

    Good luck.
  3. No mate you are not too old, you will do well, as you have some 'life' experience behind you. Go for it and good luck.
  4. what do u currently do m8?

    what do you want to dco in the army?

    how will the g/f take it?

    Biggeset regret you'll have is not knowing
  5. I'm 23 myself mate and I'm joining up you're not too old at all as people have said you have more life experience than some of the younger recruits. Regarding the "missus" situation i slung my one after she kicked off when i told her i was rejoining end of the day the army will be here forever and gfs come and go, that's how i look at it anyway. Go for it mate u wont regret it!
  6. I'm 25 and I'm going through the application process as we speak....currently awaiting ADSC dates....again!
  7. What reg u joining?
  8. Im 23 mate and i know im not too old to join :lol:
    Just do it mate if you dont try you'll regret it. Personally ive got to give it ago cause i know it'll nag me forever wondering what if.

    Keep us posted and good luck in whatever you choose to join.

    PS give the coldstream guards a look at :D
    Heres there site.
  9. Going for RAC Tank Crewman.....QRH
  10. cool guys! its gotta be infantry. im getting alot of stick from family and misses lol

    i work for audi, which is great. but i dont want to be a nobody, i feel guilty that everyone else is doing there bit. so i can sit here and make money.
  11. Good for you, you wont regret choosing the coldstream guards :)
  12. Go for it mate, I'm 29 and I've joined up. If your girlfriend likes/loves you that much she'll do the right thing and back you 100%. You'll definately kick yourself later in life if you don't give it a shot.
  13. have fun making you're gear nice and shiny!! : )
  14. QRH . . .very good choice.

    Tezlar - Go and do what you enjoy, it'll be a sh1ttie career if you end up doing something you hate. Whatever you do for a living it can (Within reason) be equated to a army career.
    However, if you don't like what you're doing now then go and do something that you'll think is good fun, but be realistic. It's not all kill, maim, disfigure. (Except in the NAAFI on a good Friday night of course :D )
    Infantry life may be all fun in the 'Stan, but barrack life is not the best of times. Choosing a trade, be it REME, RE or RLC, is pretty much the same on operation, exercise or in the barracks.

    Q1. What do you do now for a job? Not just for Audi.
    Q2. What fire's your rockets?
    Q3. What's your boredom freshold?

    Oh! and don't worry about the bird. . . . she'll still shag you once she catches a whiff of you in uniform!
  15. well on the GF front, im a girl and if i do say so myself im a rather level headed one.

    Just tell her that if she really is into you and wants to make it work she will understand that you need to do this for yourself, its all well and good you staying at home and keeping the job you have now but you will never be happy because the army will always be in the back of your mind niggling away untill you resent her anyway for holding your life back and break up.

    so either you stay here and break up anyway of she lets you go and maybe just maybe there will be a chance you could make it work. althought iv been told the army is a single mans life, that is not to say some dont hang in there and get married etc.

    woman advice is best coming from a woman you know. No offence guys.