Settle an argument for me

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Goku, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. Is this bint a gwar or not?

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  2. looks like it fella.
  3. smells like it from here
  4. she has nice eyes
  5. Looks like a gollywog
  6. What is red and yellow and looks good on a hippy ?


    A gwar, twiglet s and brasso i can smell them from here
  7. Lick her flange and if you get a belt off it like a 9 volt battery she is a stinking guar
  8. I'd walk a million miles
    For one of your smiles,
    My Mammy! Oh oh oh.....

    He can dye his hair gwar, but the fact remains Goku, you're turking Al Jolson! 8O
  9. shouldnt be nasty Goku - Im sure she has a loverly personality
  10. She’s reading this thread and is frothing at the mouth over this :D

  11. looks a bit like chewbacca from that picture
  12. no shes not gwa

  13. That kid in the background is running away from the stench of pi55!
  14. I wouldn't have said she was a Guar. just a wannabe guar
  15. Perhaps we would be able to make a better judgement if we could checkout her collar and cuffs.