Settings for GPS in UK

Just got my GPS out and it's still in Afghan mode. What are the settings for GPS in the UK. I've tried it on British Grid, WGS 84 but it's 400m out. I've also tried it on MGRS but to no avail. Am i being solid here? :frustrated:


All depends on what data your map uses! whatever is on your map then that goes on the GPS.


All Ordnance Survey maps (ie, 1:50K ones) use the same Grid System and Datum. The Grid is the British National Grid and the Datum is known as 'Odnance Survey Great Britain' from 1936. Most GPSs know that the two are linked together, although most air charts are now WGS84.


Then again..... BNG is for British National Grid.
FJ - try WGS84 and BNG and make shure you refresh the almanac (or whatever your system uses) - mine does the same after protracted periods away - I guess it just gets used to looking for the same SVs.

And put everything on 'mils' and 'metric' where you can.

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