Setting up a wireless network

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Silent_Scope, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. I have just bought a wireless adaptor (Dlink DSL 2640B) and installed it on my first computer, on my second one I have a USB adaptor (DWA-111) and plugged it into my second computer, but it won't install from the disc.

    It works on the first computer alright, but I don't know if I need to install the router on the second as well?

    All help appreciated :D
  2. The router doesn't need installing as such.

    Once you have got all the leads connected (phone, power, ethernet), you would need to open your web browser and follw the instructions.

    You will need to enable the wireless part of the router before your wireless adaptor will detect it.

    But no, it is not necessry to install the d-link router disc to both pc's
  3. Nope - have you set your network up?
  4. Need some details to help out here:

    First computer - you didn't say how it is connected to the router? Has it built in wireless or have you connected by the Ethernet cable?

    If you're connected wirelessly then ok, go to the paragraph below. If you're connected by cable, then as ogri said, you'll need to log on to the router to make sure the wireless connection is up.

    Second computer - Does it already have wireless? If not then yes, you will need to run the install program for the USB adaptor. Take the adaptor out, then run the install wizard on the disk.

    PM if you're still having problems.
  5. It doesn't want to work. I have internet on the first computer, but on the second one the wireless USB won't install.

    "Failed to install, Set-up will exit"

  6. msr

    msr LE

    Are you sure you are using the correct drivers?

  7. Yeah, this happens at the end of the installation and the same disc worked on the other machine.
  8. Yea had the same problem with a usb wireless dongle, if you access the disk which came with the dongle and run set up from the disk with the dongle removed it should load ok.
  9. Install the software first.

    Insert dongle. If the drivers from the disk have loaded correctly the operating system should automatically detect the new hardware and install it.

    If this doesn't work do it in reverse. Uninstall the software restart the computer and insert the dongle. The Add New Hardware Wizard should run and it will prompt you to install the hardware using the software from the vendors disk.
  10. The dongle drivers installed ok on the other machine when I installed it all (router included) on the second machine.


    Now the first machine won't connect without the Dongle on (the same machine that worked fine with just the wireless router)
  11. make sure the ip addresses are within the same radius
    eg - for one computer and for the other
  12. Silent_Scope - probably would help if you answer the following questions:

    Machine 1
    Laptop or Desktop?
    Operating system? XP or Vista, and which service pack? Go to Control Panels, System - that will tell you.
    Is a wireless card already fitted?

    Machine 2
    Laptop or Desktop?
    Operating system? XP or Vista, and which service pack? Go to Control Panels, System - that will tell you.
    Is a wireless card already fitted?
  13. Machine 1:
    OS = XP SP2
    It has a wireless card

    Note: This is the machine with wireless router attached.

    Machine 2:
    OS = XP SP2
    No wireless card, hence the adaptor.

    I.P addresses are within the same radius.
  14. Not had that problem myself, connected up to Sky wireless this afternoon and it worked first time!! must be a record...complete 'puter biff does something without any help!!