Setting up a PTSD support group in SW

I have a friend who works for the CAB in the SW - she sees a few soldiers for various reasons. She has mentioned there is precious little support for PTSD sufferers and while Combat Stress have a rep there - one person for the whole SW is a bit overwhelmed.

It appears some families are wanting to set up some kind of support group but haven't really the first idea of where to begin. I'm hoping that by posting here those with experience might be able to offer some advice and direction.

I am currently researching councelling courses for my resettlement, I want to specialise in PTSD and marriage guidance, if I end up in the SW I will certainly lend my services.
Shameless bump to bring it to the attention of the evening crowd who may be able to help.
Ord, i would suggest contacting CS direct. I've tried various ways of giving reasons for this, but they all sound and readback as very underwhelming. The CS folks are overstreached and underfunded. The caseworkers do their best but their cases are increasing daily. A families support group would work, but at the end of the day someone has to put the unpaid hours in. Not sure if this helps you, but i honestly have tried to give you a positive answer.
There is money available to meet Mental Health issues - not directed for PTSD - but then I doubt if anyone thought of it in Somerset. I dont even know what services you are thinking of.
What location were you talking about as different PCTs cover different areas. Are you looking long term counselling or something limited to a set number of sessions like the NHS currently offers in primary care?
You need to establish the need - is there much and is it widepread is a speciality required and if so what is it- What is required- a local network ( try the RBL) or a centre of excellence drawing on MOD and NHS funding. Any supporters out there MPs, counsellors and I suppose senior officers if you intend to engage the MOD - but unless the 2-3 star comes with a bucket of money I doubt they will bring any more to the party than a few dedicated individuals.


Does anyone know of any support groups for family in the northwest.. We are in preston in lancashire and recieve NO support at all..
CAT-T said:

Does anyone know of any support groups for family in the northwest.. We are in preston in lancashire and recieve NO support at all..
Cat, I have contacts with mental health services in your area, as I am originally from Lancaster. What is it that you want support with? You can PM me if you like.
PTSD will not appear on NHS radars unless someone wants to make an issue of it. Can BAFF make enough noise? Despite a willingness I somehow doubt it...Love to be proved wrong tho
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