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I want to set up a website with all the documents, photos etc that Grandad A. left me regarding his time with the RASC (MiD at Alamein, don't ya know, never liked to talk about it...).

There is a bunch of stuff like nominal rolls and correspondence that would be interesting to someone doing the family history bit, but I don't have the first clue about how to set up a site. ANyone got a quick guide?


Is this just about him or about the unit(s) he served with?
It's about the units he served with, personal history for my grandad is irrelevant. What I want to be able to do is set up something for people who want to search by the names of the people who were serving with him. So, for example, J. Bloggs, Pte, present on nominal role 03MAR43, not on roll 15APR44, with a suitable link to a scanned version of the rolls, or letter from Capt J. Smith to WOII Adams, 06JUN44, with link to scanned version. Plus the pictures he took in Greece, Crete, Libya, Tunisia etc., to give a bit of background for J. Smith's descendants.
I have been setting up some websites. I use 123-reg's website builder (from here Domain name registration | Domain names | Web Hosting | 123-reg) for some websites. These websites include Gunner Tours Home1 and British Battlefields Home This is allows a non techie to build a website using a sort of "powerpoin" approach to building a website, They offer a zillion templates to choose from and are quite cheap. However the tools can be a little fiddly and frustrating - they don't always work and I have become well acquainted with their support team.

Recently I set up a blog called The Observation Post | Military history, Battlefield heritage and Touring using the blogging software I have been very impressed by wordpress which is very easy and intuitive to use and would support the sort of web site that you have described. You can host a blog free on Wordpress. WordPress &#8250; Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS However this leaves you with aaddressesss which starts witsomethinggn like www.wordpress. <your title> I chose to get to host the service and wordpress came free with their package.

You can try before you buy and see how you get on with either - or other software/packages.

It is also worth checking the copyright of images etc uploaded. TherInternetterent services which appear to be free, but cost you your control over the use of images that you upload.
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