Setting examples, Kent Police

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Nugger, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Youth Crime Tsar??? Jesusfuckingcuntingfuckbadgers!

    How about employing cops that can actually police and sort shit out rather employing a diverse bunch of wet lettuce cunts with psychology degrees that couldn't handle a bout of harsh language let alone a real criminal.

    This country is fucked!
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  2. That would cost money; it's much more cost-effective just to announce crime isn't an issue any more, and if anyone disagrees accuse them of being a Daily Mail-reading borderline fascist.
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  3. I find those eyebrows very offensive.
  4. You wouldn't notice them blended into your pubes while she's giving you a gob-job!
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  5. The Mail having a go at someone for slagging off queers, pikeys and immigrants?

    Is this the beginning of the end of days?
  6. You're right, it just boils down to a rather ill-natured demarcation dispute.
  7. I quite like her. She's just being honest. More than can be said for any other cunt being paid by the Government.
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  8. Don't be absurd. Police forces are pretending to let spotty teenagers have a say etc, as another of the PR-handjob exercises at which our politicians and senior coppers excel.
  9. As they want the youth view of policing I don't see what the problem is anyway. She appears to be pretty standard for her age.

    And she'd get bummed into the middle of next week.
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  10. So it's sort of like letting the nut cases run the Asylum.
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  11. No, it's pretending to give a shit what the inmates think in order to keep them quiet.
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  12. I know, their editorial standards are slipping. They also mentioned Kent which adds to the unpleasantness, never happen in Woman's Own.