Set sail the good ship Compo!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Jun 15, 2013.

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  1. Breaking news....... "1,500 scousers put in claims for being on board, and whiplash when it hit the bottom of Albert Dock."
  2. You just wait for the grief whoring and chav shrines that'll pop up for no apparent reason. Come 'ed lah.
  3. Counselling officers and a crisis centre, is on site, Mccartney is raffling his Grandad for the 8000 passengers who claim to have been on board.
    Liverpool FC will, as ever wear black armbands, in their hastily arranged charity match against the crew of the Titanic.
  4. All Thatchers fault no doubt
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  5. When we all know that it only had enough seats for 96!
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  6. The other 7904 rushed on board when the police opened a flood gate. The Bizzies notebooks will all agree that people were having their lifejackets taken off them, and eventually someone will publish The Truth.
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  7. Deep-sixed? No, deep ninety-sixed.
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  8. And you,ll never float alone, you,ll never float alone
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  9. I much prefer ferry 1/2 way across the Mersey
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  10. In the best possible taste...
  11. Dedododatdon'tdey.
  12. Captain Schettino , who has had some difficulty finding work after his exciting adventure involving the cruise liner Concordia and several hundred ( real ) passengers , allegedly was the new skipper of this somewhat smaller craft. His nautical skills do not seem to have improved but are consistent … he has denied reports he was again the first to leave the stricken vessel .