Set of PLCE Webbing

2011-07-28 12.47.34.jpg

Just a set of PLCE webbing, assembled from spares and other bits of kit, bayonet not included however, just a spare I bought privately for my collection.

Basic config of
1 Ammo
3 Utility
1 Webtex branded waterbottle
1 Bayonet Frog

£40 will happily do it, with £6 as postage, it'll be sent same day via signed for courier,

Ideal for a cadet or airsoft or any other walts.

Yes its still here, would be appreciated
Just sent a message out on te Facebook group, if you just pm me if you manage to sell it, otherwise next time someone is looking for webbing I'll point them Your way, any chance for a drop in price?
Nope not sold yet can't really drop the price down maybe a fiver so say £40 which includes the P&P and payments are via BACS or cheque
I can't believe you actually managed to sell that heap. It looks like a TA Bandsman put it together.

Your kitchen floor is crap too.
Come on - Bite better than that. I have an hour to kill.

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