Set England Free - Vote SNP!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. Alex Salmond is a boring tw@t witht he charisma of a dead rabbit. However he is the only natural leader of the SNP and were he to disappear, who on earth would take over from him. He has a similar deneanour to Broon, prbably without the brains.
  2. Edited for cr@p spelling and punctuation.
  3. The twat thinks he is special because he is a Nationalist. He is just another backsliding 'British' politician, no different from any other.
  4. Sixty

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    Yes, because Chief Economists at the Royal Bank of Scotland (as Wee Eck was) are notoriously dim?
  5. Didn't say he was dim - I said he probably wasn't as bright as Broon, who is very bright.
  6. so why does salmond not put himself out of a job at westminster and just be MSP instead
  7. Probably because he wants to keep his voice in the only place that really matters at present.
  8. Scotland are welcome to the SNP and the socialist utopia/nightmare that they would bring.As long as they pay their own way i don't care what they do,if they did become independent though we could rid ourselves of Broon,Reid and the other load of reformed communist Labour MP's from north of the border who are sucking our taxpayers money up!!
  9. Whinging English c*nt.
  10. That's the problem though. There's no way that an independent Scotland could pay it's own way. I believe oil revenues wouldn't even cover the dole bill. They won't get their snouts in the Euro trough either as cash from Brussels is going to new mwmber states in Eastern Europe.

    Prepare for an influx of aggressive asylum seekers with a taste for Buckfast if the SNP have their way.
  11. Hey, some of us are already here!
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  12. i suppose if scotland does go independant england my at last get an english PM and not the scottish one the uk has now
  13. And who may even learn to speak your own language.
  14. He'll be Welsh - or Cornish. Only the Celts know how to run England properly :brilsmurf: