Session Pro DD505 Electronic Drumkit + Extras

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Kit_Monkey, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. For sale is my Session Pro DD505 drumkit, i've hardly used it and as such it is excellent condition and full working order, the brain is pre-set with 20 drumkits or the option to customise your own sound, there is pre-set play along tracks with customisable beat speed or again you can plug in your mp3 or cd player and play along to your own favourite music, comes with the instruction manual.
    Earphones can be plugged directly into the brain or the amp' for near silent practise.
    Tractor seat drum throne on double braced legs
    30watt Cheetah amplifier
    2 extra pairs of unused nylon tipped Stagg sticks
    Phillips full size earphones

  2. £300?

    They are only £306 new with a full warranty - you may want to re-think your price if you want to sell them!!

    Oh yeah, and £45 for the amplifier new!!

    Electronic Drum Kits -
  3. Good point, though you are getting an amp, tractor seat double braced stool ect, however £250 or sensible offers