Serving with the TA on exchange?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Warm, Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. G'day,

    I am currently serving with the Sydney University Regiment with the Australian Army Reserve, whilst studying at the Australian National University.

    I am trying to get on an exchange program to spend a semester in the UK studying at Leeds or another eligable university, to have a look at the 'mother country' (as all colonials should).

    I've been meaning to ask my OC about it, but thought you gents might have an insight, as to whether I can spend those 6 months with a TA Unit whilst i'm in the UK. It would be fantastic to experience another country's way of doing things, and come back with those experiences.

    Thanks for your time and consideration!
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Have you tried emailing the TA people? They may be able to point you in the right direction. Sorry can't find a direct email address, others may be able to, TA website may be able to help you
  3. i know for a fact you can do this as my unit in the past 12 years has had at least 4 serving aussie reservists atached to it they were wearing there austrailian uniforms and and all were here whilst studding at university in fact i think we currently have one serving at the moment she was last year anyway
  4. It is possible, I have also seen it done with RANR serving with RNR and a Canadian army reservist (Militia??) serving with a TA unit.

    A sort of reverse approach would be to contact Austrailan High comission here in the UK, who would be the people making the final arrangements, and take their advice on how to get the ball rolling.

    The big question is why Leeds? seems a very odd choice.

  5. Aren't the Parachute Regiments TA based in Leeds?
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Freudian slip?

  7. We had loads of your mob on exchange with us - you are one of our affiliated regiments - contact details below:

    G Company
    7 RIFLES
    The Cedars
    E15 3QN

    Tel: 0208 472 0140


    F Company
    52-56 Davies Street
    W1K 5HR

    0207 629 3674

    0207 414 3488


    Bond Street Underground Station
  8. In my last regiment we had an aussie bird with us for a while, that was a signals regiment. There is a signals regiment in Leeds
  9. Aye, a GRes subaltern commanding a London Regt pl was on PCTC with me. As for how you do it, I've no idea. I just know it doesn't cut the other way...
  10. As has been said, The your Regiment is affiliated to the Rifles who have TA presence in Yorkshire which is probably ideal if you will be Leeds based.

    Try this e-mail address
  11. Or perhaps, more to the point, Leeds UOTC, which is the equivalent regiment (and it's infantry wing is too affiliated to the New Borg).
  12. UOTC???

  13. SUR = Sydney "UOTC", although there are some differences (for example, the URs are subunits of RMC-A). Basically an Aussie UR is a cross between a UOTC and BOTW, and also conducts the first term of the Regular CC as an option.

    However, the Aussies have a very different system for PT officers.

    III Class (equiv Junior Term RMAS or Mod 1): 3x 15 day camps (or a 6 week camp) and 6 w/e
    II Class (equiv Inters/ Mod 2, 3 and 4): 1x 15 day camp, 5 w/e and 1x 30 day camp
    I Class (equiv Seniors/ Mod 5 and RMQ then JOTAC): 1x 14 day camp (RMQ and Mod 5, Commission occurs here) and 1x 19 day camp (equiv JOTAC, qualifies for war emergency Coy Comd)

    Each of these is 6 months on the regular course, but going through the mill at a UR for 3 years is equivilant to III class ISTR
  14. Who would pay him? Think you will find that the belt has been tightened and they can barely fund us never mind an exchange student.....
  15. Apparently, my accent deems me as "Australian" in my squadron, so therefore, yes, yes you can.