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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by North, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. Hello all,

    Is there any serving TA chefs out there who would be interested in remaining as a chef but would like to be attached to an airborne unit, do P Company and the jumps course and still remain as a chef ??

  2. When I jump would I have to have the cookset tied to my leg ?
  3. Whoops

    In the Yorkshire area
  4. Dont you have to be under a certain weight to jump? Or have you got one of those vehicle parachutes? :D
  5. I know of a Para chef in a Leeds unit, soz won't tell more he's too good in the kitchen (he's probably on tour yet again anyway).
  6. Even if you are a civvy chef and are looking to join, but want something thats more of a challenge.

    PM if you are interested.
  7. Come on Chefs !!

    Surely there are some budding Airborne Soldiers within our catering fraternity !

    Don't take any notice of any sarcastic jibes, If you are not there the blokes would soon whinge.

  8. As if the chef's course isnt hard enough, nobody has passed it yet!
  9. Don't serve TA chefs, they should serve you - its all covered on the course.

    Hope that helps.
  10. So, is it easier to train a chef to be a Paratrooper, or to train a Para to cook?

    It sounds like a few leaflets at the local catering college are in order.
  11. In my Inf battalion we re-roled some of the older guys to RLC and they trained as cooks (hate to call them chefs - its not like they are gunning for a Michelin star! :wink: ). Better than kicking them out when they can't hack it in the sections and it kept our compliment of cooks at full strength, so much so that we had one or two attached to each company and kept us well fed in the field.
  12. i can just imagine me jumping out with a number 5 cook set strapped to one leg, gas bottle on the other leg oh and my magic chefs ladle attatched to my webbing, and a bergan full of the best and hottest curry going, that would make a right mess on landing
  13. I'm currently serving with a Signals squadron and traded as an Electrcician class 3 (royal signals)
    And also a Rad Op class 3 and my trade that i want to carry on with is as a Chef class 2 but i'd need a refreshing course to bring me upto the current standards.

    Can anybody help me ?
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    No doubt plenty. Go to your nearest TA location and offer to do them an egg banjo before you stag on the net.

    I bet they rip your arm off!
  15. Been there done that ? sick of listening to the static !!!!!! :x