Serving Soldiers to be regarded as Key Workers?


I've just read on armynet that serving members of HM Forces are regarded as key workers by the government and therefore get all the benefits re subsidised housing etc that this entails. However when I checked the government website they made no mention of forces at all. Does anybody know the definitive answer to this one?
Thats correct the armed forces do get Key Worker discount. However, its Approx 10,000 miltary personnel that will be able to get it. Not all areas have KWD.



conflicting views- which is it?


AFF Website said:
Which MOD staff will be eligible for assistance?

From Wednesday 20 September regular Armed Forces personnel with a household income under £60k whose home base is situated in either the London, South East or Eastern regions will be eligible to apply for assistance from the new build element of the Key Worker Living (KWL) programme.

In addition, so as not to create a perverse 'public sector employment market' civilian staff employed by the MOD in other eligible key worker categories such as the MOD Police, Defence Fire Service and clinical staff in MOD medical establishments will also be eligible to apply for assistance.

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