Serving re-enactors

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by General Melchett, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Was pondering how many serving soldiers are also re-enactors.

    Units you portray and anything else.

    I'll start.

    Great War, British, Warwickshire Regt

    WW2, British, S.Staffs BEF & RAOC Airborne.
  2. Rocket Troop, Royal Horse Artillery 1812

    cause I like things that go bang and whiz with pretty colours.
  3. 156 Squadron Pathfinders Lancasters (1943 - 45) No 2 Army Commando (1943 - 45) RAF Ground Gunners - RAF Regiment (1940 - 44) 16th Luftwaffe Field Divison (1944 - 45).

    Most my free weekends away from work are normally spent either in a muddy field or disused airfield somewere in old smelly clothes :lol:
  4. I've been spending the last 22 years pretending to be a REME soldier, if that's any help. I've got me own uniform and everything.
  5. I have seen this chap, few years ago, at shows and magazines, a re-enactor who portrays an airborne soldier from 1944. He looked like he had eaten more pies than the whole of Staffordshire!
  6. Is he the one that normally drives the Jeep when in Arnhem
  7. used to when serving,,,reenact,waffen
    was often told by those in ,,fawlty towers to stop..
    i only stopped when i moved too far away..
    in my group we had a serving-one rmp.two raf-one reme-onepara.and a ta captain.
  8. Wasn't there was a newspaper exposé of the Hohenstaufen unit back in the 90's?

    If I remember rightly there was a major hoo-haa about serving soldiers belonging to a reenactment unit with nazi sympathies.
  9. Didn't the Times do an expose?