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Discussion in 'REME' started by elnoddo, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. Im not in anyway tring to dismiss the service that the older blokes have provided, but think that maybe there maybe a better service to all if there were the REME serving and the REME served posts. Much as i enjoy to read your posts they tend to distract me from the present day. No offence meant I am an active member of my local veterans club and will continue to be so, however the guys doing the job now need room to think.
  2. Yeah fair one lots of maybe's in there
  3. If it helps at all, the second maybe should actually be two words.
  4. I like it! A new recruiting slogan! REME- the thinking mans' Corps!
  5. Would we all fit in one room?
  6. probably, and with room to spare
  7. I do some of my best thinking on the bog, and I really don't think I'd wouldn't want anyone else to be there (obviously I wouldn't have anything against other people having a bit of a think in there after I'm finished.......they'd probably want to wait a few minutes though!).
  8. We could also have a tiffies site and why not a third classes site so that second and first classes don't get distracted. You may find it surprising but a lot of us oldies still have something to contribute. Too much division has been the end of so many other sites. Even on ARSSE blokes from different arms wander in and out of all the other's thtreads. If you don't like what any person has contributed you can always ignore that posting.
  9. Perhaps we could split down into trades as well, no point looking outside your own very small area of the corps, nothing interesting or important happens there does it ?

    Would you prefer ex members of your own trade, or serving members of a different one ?

    Bad idea I think. Unless people start to bang on about muskets etc !
  10. Yeah points taken, was quite wasted when i started the thread sorry.
  11. Elnoddo and common-sense-nco - you are describing that paragon of forum etiquete, that lexicon of whit, the veritable encyclopeadea of REME related information that is - reme-r-us.

    On second thoughts.................... :twisted:
  12. What's wrong with banging on about muskets. Some of us trained on these in our youth.....

    You youngsters don't know you are born....


  13. SSSSSSSHHH!!! Mentioning his name will make him appear
  14. I know, its like 'The Scottish Play'...........
  15. But is it once Macbeth or three times like Candyman?