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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by newlynpirate, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. if you are serving and have been in mpgs for a fair few years could you pm me as i have a question
  2. I am mate.Whats the question?
  3. if a person leaver army now on apps 75 and they join mpgs can they stay on afps 75?
  4. if you join the mpgs can you still serve in the TA?
  5. why would you want to?
  6. No you cant join the TA or continue to serve in it and I believe anyone joining after April 2006 has to go on AFPS 05.
  7. Thats right....You can't join the TA.If you are in receipt of a pension then thats not affected but any 'new'pension after 042006 has to be the AFPS 05.
  8. how about this....i have done 15 years have a preserved 75 pension..join mpgs within 24 hours of leaving you can................if you time it correct....can i retain my 75?
  9. I have a preserved 75 pension but I joined 3 years ago.I'm not sure but I think you'd go onto a 05 pension.I don't know how that would work with your 75 but that should be safe as you've earned it.Sorry,I can't be more helpful.
  10. and the start pay for mpgs now is ...................i hear diffrent storys
  11. Was £16.174 but that will be higher from April 07.

    Here is the incremental scale for 2006/07, even the most dim will not stay a Pte for 5 years!!!

    Level 9 daily 54.98 annual 20,068.08

    Level 8 daily 53.06 annual 19,365.96

    Level 7 daily 50.74 annual 18,518.04

    Level 6 daily 48.66 annual 17,758.44

    Level 5 daily 46.70 annual 17,046.12

    Level 4 daily 44.31 annual 16,174.44.

    You can access the other rates/ranks on Army net.

    Hope this helps
  12. mutcho....thanks
  13. Have noticed that the contact number for MPGS is now saying 'No more applicants until June 07'. (which is cool as my application is in..) Can't be that bad a job with so many interested 'bods'!..
    One thing I don't understand is the 'capping' of pensions, i.e. You serve 22yr Colour Service, and are in receipt of your pension, you then serve with the MPGS, you gain the rank of SGT, your pension payout is then lowered because you are then (with your pension) earning more than any other Regular SGT. Surely your previous Service is a totally different contract, and therefore the pension you have earned should not be taken into consideration... Would be grateful for any advice on this..
  14. Far as I know,the pension capping stopped last year.
  15. Would be more than happy if that is the case!