Serving member of Forces as a charity trustee

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by ilikechips, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. Well,

    As a precursor to sifting through Queens regs, does anyone on here have any experience or knowledge regarding serving members of the armed forces being trustees for a charity? It isn't forces related and there is no chance of any conflict of interests, just wondered if anyone has either gone through with something like this or has any thoughts.
  2. From memory, QRs talks about getting other jobs and about being a director of a company, both of which you need CO's permission for and the starting point in the discussion is 'NO'. There is nothing specific I recall in QRs about becoming a charity trustee. Many military people are trustees anyway, in my day we were de facto trustees when running Army sports, recently it has become more formal so that the large sports bodies and regimental organisations formally appoint trustees under the auspices of the Charity Commission. Anyone who is a governor of a school, a good number of Army people, is also likely to be a trustee. So provided it will not impinge on your military duties then just do it. If you want to cover your backside, then write a letter to your CO informing him of your intention and that you forsee no conflict with your duties.
  3. After looking through things I've pretty much come to the same thoughts as you describe above. Thanks for the advice anyway, and I'll be looking into it further.