Serving in the TA, whilst living abroad

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by phibeck, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. I am ex regular (Signals Officer) - though a long time ago. Have since gained more technical qualifiactions, and am fluent in Norwegian as I have lived in Norway for 20 years.

    As a result of discussions on another thread, it has been mentioned that some members of the TA manage to combine TA committments and living abroad.

    I have looked through the TA web pages, and don't see how that works, as all the TA units are based on where you live.

    I wanted to send a mail to "someone in the know" without finding any contact details on the TA pages, other than a standard application form, which wasn't designed for someone living in Norway.

    Can anyone point me into the right direction? How might I proceed? I am keen, so would be happy to join any unit (Signals? Language specialist? Int?)

    I understand that the age limit is now 60, so my age (50) wouldn't be a problem?

    All advice appreciated.
  2. msr

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    Check your PMs.

  3. I've wondered about the same, as I live in Denmark.

    I've contacted, or rather attempted to contact, the TA twice about joining a specialist unit without even getting a reply.

    So I'm pretty much resigned to staying where I am (Danish TA).

    Phibeck, perhaps the Norwegian part-timers could be an option for you if the TA doesn't pan out.
  4. Thanks for that Tartan (Great avatar! Guiness is good for you if I remember!). I have thought about the Norwegian heimevernet - but my mates (who are a bit younger) have had to resign as they've gone over the age-limit (44 I think). Last time I checked you had to be a Norwegian national. I have another look, but as I'm sure you feel to, it's the British Army "først og fremst".

    Takk for innlegget, vi snakkes!
  5. I'm not sure how it works to be honest, one thing I could imagine being an issue is the case of obtaining security clearance it has a residency requirement (I think three years living in UK although that could be DV).

    In short no solutions and one possible problem, fat lot of use I am then!
  6. Hi,

    Try CVHQ RA at Woolwich. I know it's not like a normal TA job (Tuesday nights & one or two weekends a month) but they do have several groups under their umbrella some of which are all arms, and enable you to keep your hand in. I know of at least one member who lives abroad.
    Also, I was on JCSC years back with someone in the CIMIC TA world (no idea where they hang out, Chilwell?) who lived in the States and came over for annual camp.

    CVHQ 02087813419
    CVHQ Contact

  7. Have got a QA in my unit who lives in Germany and flies in for our unit weekends.

    We're a nationally recruited unit, what used to be called specialist units, so it is possible.
  8. Have sent an e-mail, could be just the thing. Thanks for the tip!
  9. Drawing blanks all round ("Thank you for your enquiry but ......) with all of the TA options due to the age issue - and it being such a long time since I was "in".

    So I am in the process of banging off a few letters to the RAF Auxilary, they are more lenient age-waise and you can serve up to age 65. Trying the Intelligence/Linguist Squadrons in the first instance.
  10. RAuxAF recruitment website

    if the TA don't want you to play, then have a look at the Aux AF , phibeck. there are specialist units spread around the UK.
    I think you can join up to 50 at least, if not 55.
  11. Specialist Units may be the way forward. I don't know about joining the TA while you're living abroad but we've had a few members who have moved abroad and continued to train. We've had people in Gibraltar, Germany and Cyprus among other locations.

    It may depend on where you are as the cost of getting you to training may be prohibitive - Gib, Germany and Cyprus have regular RAF flights, which may have helped in the cases above, though I recall that civvy flights were usually booked.

    If you have a civvy trade that will be useful to the Army, try a Specialist Unit. 170 Engr Gp is on the look out for people with construction, petroleum, railway or utilities experience. Have a look at:

    The brochure does say that you have to be resident in UK, but if you've got a specialist skill, it could still be worth asking.