Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by INT QSL, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. As part of TA100 TA personnel (regardless of cap badge) serving in a Royal Signals unit (Regt or Sqn or specialist pool) or Royal SIgnals serving on detachment from teh Corps are eligible to participate in Ex MIDNIGHT SUN a month Adv Trg Ex to Greenland.

    If you are in a 2 Sig Bde unit this can count as Camp and will be paid. More details can be found at:

    Anyone can apply who has completed Phase 1 training and regardless of experience - options include mountaineering, sailing and Kayaking.

    Get your name down now.
  2. weve been told not to put our names down on the site. We have to go through our PSAO
  3. Can someone remember to bump this thread when everyone is back from camp.

  4. Only fair, if you are in a 2 Sig Bde unit, you should be aware that the Bde Commander has made this the Main Effort for any volunteer selected for the Expedition as part of the training year 2008-09 and has issued orders to all his CO's to that affect. Your PSAO or indeed any one can not stop you applying if you satisfy the qualification requirements.

    There is nothing stoppin you filling in the online form and indicating in the box that you are required to apply through your unit so your online interest is only for information. This will enable the Project Officer to monitor and make sure that your application gets through to the project office. The Project Officer also reports/answers directly to the Commander so it is a good way to ensure your unit does not sit on your application or suggest that the project office didn't get it!#
  5. So some regts get training days chopped and camps changed from abroad to the uk whilst some others go queening it up in Greenland bumming seals

    Fukcing wondefull
  6. Aint life a ....!
  7. At least nobody is mentioning Cisco router, CORMORANT & modern IS training in York is their.
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I have stickied this one - temporarily - to keep it at the top of the heap on the Forum.

    After all, wouldn't want all you jimmy-wearing geeks to get upset, and not get enough people for your trip.

    At least you can do some nice HF practice up there - unless the 'atmosphere' is all wrong, or some similar excuse :)
  9. Cheers Snowy, I think most TA Signal Regiments are on camp at the mo.

  10. "Can't find the key to open the HF window, sir" :)

    Interesting effects up there, Polar Cap Absorption, Auroral Propagation, black outs etc.

    Yes, I am a geek.
  11. fozzy, your talking YofS porn
  12. Professional Communicator and proud


  13. Oh yes you are!
  14. nexdt week my good man.

    mass exodus from the board from friday
  15. I blame anaprop and dodgy side lobes