Serving beyond 55

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Outstanding, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. What are the actual rules on this. My understanding is that it can only happen if the service requires it to. But there are some excellent guys who still do a good job at 55 and we lose a irreplaceable amount of experience.
  2. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Don't know if there are any 'rules' but I do know someone who did it.
    RAF flying instructor retired at 58, got the extra 3 years as they were short & he enjoyed his job.
  3. You can serve 'til 60 over here now! 65 if you're in the Army Reserve.

    Might not get a visa though!
  4. No doubt there are, but there are even more at age 40.
  5. yes you need to have special circumstancers to serve beyond 55 but know of some people who have!
  6. My bold.

    Sounds rather dramatic just to serve a few extra years. I'd rather leave my old fella in one piece and retire skint thanks.
  7. I couldn't agree with you more, the 22 year limit has effectively been replaced by more continuance, but we need to look at this again to stop losing our life blood.
  8. That one has had me in stitches!
  9. Better than getting to 55 and having to sit a testicle!
  10. Having reached that magical age where one collects the full pension rights I cannot imagine serving in todays army ,please do not get me wrong but how serious are you !!!
    I may be wrong but I hazard a guess that you have not served in one of the recent CONFLICT zones or that you have never served at all. My reasoning is that having served my full quota I sit in my garden ,smoke the odd spliff and sadly listen to the news of yet another lost comrade either in Iraq or Stan.
    I for one would not expect to be kept on purely as you state to do a good job ,this present Army is not able to hold on to people past their sell by date just to allow them to carry on,unless of course they are RAF or uncapable of finding a life outside the sanctuary of poor pay ,poor housing ,poor pension ,poor PTSD support .
    I consider myself to have been fortunate to have served my contract ,and am very proud of those that have followed in that vein ,and allowed others the chance to progress rather than wait for me to wain before they can progress.
  11. Am in the same boat as you mon ami (or will be 2 weeks today!) I've been shot at, shot at someone, blown up, and been a generally miserable bastward when I served my 27 years but got hit by the reality dart when trying to keep up with the younger generation. Yes, I have lots of experience and knowledge but I can no longer run away from the proverbial speeding bullet now as fast as I used to. :oops:
  12. I know its slightly different but I know a few types coming up on 60 in the TA, useful types with bags of experience/quals I hasten to add
  13. Reaaly just developing the idea, having just recieved the lateset attitude survey it was disappointingly asking for opinions on morale, frankly if the CoC doesn't know what the state of morale is themselves, it indicates just how far away from reality they have allowed themselves to slip.
  14. Slightly different !!!!!!
    I would state a MASSIVE difference.
  15. Bit harsh there DTC, once you get to that age your abilities start to even out!!