Serving And Ex Military Wanted For Branagh Flick

Apologies to one and all for the cut and paste but thought that some of you might be interested in an email I have just received. Contact details are at the bottom and you seem to get paid a decent amount.

The Magic Flute - 2006

Mad Dog Casting is working on Kenneth Branagh’s new feature film adaptation of Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute. This new adaptation will appear to be set during World War I (but is actually a battle between the Queen of the Night and her arch-enemy Sarastro).

We are looking for men aged 16- 35 years from all ethnic backgrounds to form our two warring battalions of soldiers and NCOs. Interested people need to be militarily trained as they will be required to march, carry weapons, etc...

We are holding a casting in our offices on Tuesday, December 20 at our offices:
Mad Dog Casting Ltd.
Top Floor
15 Leighton Place
Off Leighton Road
Kentish Town
(closest tube is Kentish Town on the Northern Line)

All selected people will be required to attend a costume fitting (£30 + £7 travel = £37) in the middle two weeks of January. This will include a HAIRCUT in the style of World War I, ie, short back & sides for which you will be paid £26.00. Our soldiers will be needed between January and April 2006 for up to thirty days of filming, depending on the schedule. Rates of pay are all in accordance with the PACT/FAA agreement and people could expect £85-150 per day (dependent on length of day). All filming will take place at Shepperton Studios in Middlesex and is accessible by train from Waterloo or by car.

If you are interested in this project, or know anyone else who might be, please contact Antonia on 020 7482 4703 or via e-mail on with your contact details.


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hmmm.....I did a few days on 'Band of Brothers' as an extra in 2002. Signed up with a good reputable firm called Casting Collective, one off fee then was about £67 for which you are included in their 'book' for a year.

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I then got transferred to another offshoot of theirs called 2020 Casting and I've had a few days work with them since. Last job was a trailer for Channel 4 Despatches and before that a film called Fly Boys ( most of which was shot at RAF Halton)

You might recall an article in Soldier magazine about people with a military background making good extras because
1) They are used to being at location X at the time specified, with kit if required, ready to rock.
2) They are used to hanging around waiting for stuff to happen (which extras do a LOT of) - hurry up and wait to be Arrsed about = standard practice.
3) They generally accept wet,cold difiicult locations without whinging like ten Poms on a Qantas flight !

I've spoken to a few people about Mad Dog Casting and, I have to say, I've had mixed reviews of them.

They are not really a specialist "military background" firm nor would they claim to be.
Another bunch who might be worth a shout are UK Troops Ltd

You might also check out the impartial advice at

Go for it folks!

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