Serving an ASBO on Blind Pugh

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cutaway, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. Yes, they are no better than any other criminal

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  2. No, they are generally so infallible that they should have immunity.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    One on the guests on BBC Radio 4's Any Questions programme, was the Home Secretary.

    He used language unbecoming of a Minister of the Crown in a public broadcast, by telling one of the questioners to 'Sod off !'

    I find use of such language, especially in this situation, offensive.

    Can anyone inform me of the correct route I must take to get an ASBO imposed on the said 'gentleman' ?
  2. I wouldn't bother - he'll get Legal Aid and claim that he can't help it because he's disabled and had a difficult upbringing etc. etc......
  3. He'll claim that people pulled faces at him...

    Bigger men than him have resigned over lesser outbursts than that!
  4. Sod the ASBO replace his dog with one that chases cars, then send him, his dog a mini with no brakes down to beachy head...
  5. Arm, like the change his dog comment, conjours up a brilliant picture! Love to see this done as a sketch by Rory Bremner!!
  6. he could always claim he has tourette sydrome :lol:
  7. I think he thought it was very rock'n'roll to tell Dimbleby to 'Sod off'...and would make for a 'racy' Any Answers... He knows how to live.
  8. Could he see the red light?

  9. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Dimbleby said on "Any Answers" that he took the "sod off" remark in a jocular vein. That undermines any action for an ASBO unfortunately, unless you can prove that the public at large were offended. I don't know if the ASBO legislation pertains to the media rather than to personal actions.

    Pity ASBO's werent invented earlier, or Prescott should have had one for assaulting the egg thrower... maybe we need an ARRSE member to wind him up on camera... not that I would propose such a dastardly course of action, naturally!

    Mind you, if starting an illegal war isn't anti-social behaviour, I don't know what is! :p
  10. Stump up the bail and give me a good character reference at the trial and I'm yer man...but as this action isn't being proposed....I'm obviously not proposing I'd actually stick the head on the I haven't posted this and you haven't read it...right I'm off for me chips & custard....
  11. Having now listened to Any Answers, I've remembered what it was that bugged me so much about Blunkett's comments - he said something along the lines of he did not understand why people constantly felt the need to talk about the war and how he thought it must give them permanent indigestion at the dinner table. What a total arrse.
  12. Lets not forget, that this is the man whose specialist subject on Mastermind was "Harry Potter"
    What a pr**k!
  13. Lets not forget, that this is the man whose specialist subject on Mastermind was "Harry Potter"
    What a pr**k!
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer


    Speaking personally, I find it offensive when a Minister of the Crown, who should be setting an example to us lesser mortals, can use profanity and make light of the problems, and indeed deaths, that his own government have started.

    As yet I cannot say if the 'public at large' were offended - perhaps yet another poll ( :roll: ) would indicate as to the general feeling and whether I can proceed with this.

    Do such complaints have to be brought by the person to whom the slight, language or action was directed, (if any,) or can anyone who feels offended push the complaint ? (In the same way as a complaint about racial comments may be brought by anyone)

    I'm serious about being able to bring these 'gentlemen' to court, it might make for some interesting questions to be posed.

    If anybody knows please post in the thread or pm me.