Servicing Costs and MOT Extension

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by exbleep, Oct 28, 2011.

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  1. On the thread about Mercedes, it was mentioned that servicing costs etc were rather extortionate (I think he said he was fucked off with them).
    A proposal for having cars only MOT'd every two years was being discussed on R5 yesterday (apparently to bring them in line with other European countries) and one of the commentators said the average service cost in UK was 3 to 5 hundred quid plus the MOT charge on top.
    Now, I had in UK a 10 year old Zafira bought from new. I religiously took it to the dealer for servicing but never had a bill less than £450. About 4 years ago, the bill came to a whopping £1300. The next year, I took it to a local garage for servicing and MOT (not a franchise) and it failed on one point (front light bulb blown) which he fixed and the service and MOT came to £183. The next year, took it to the same garage and the cost was £143 including MOT with advisory to change brake pads in the coming year. Again, this year, service, MOT and change brake pads was £223.
    So, my view on the MOT is that, perhaps, two years for some cars is too long whilst for others a year is too soon. MOT certs now have your mileage recorded so why not make the service interval every 12,000 miles (or whatever) rather than age related? Someone doing 20,000 a year would have things wear out quicker than someone doing 3,000
    And are franchise dealers ripping us off with their servicing costs? I certainly think so. Brake pads were charge at £84 at my local garage whereas the franchise dealer wanted £215. Rear part of exhaust was £73 at the franchise but Kwikfit was £27. I know the franchise dealer will only put on the car's authorised bit but so what?
  2. Some dealerships will price match if you give them a sob story and are prepared to walk away.

    But on the whole they are all *****.
  3. the Mercedes main dealer wanted I think about £500 for a service and wanted extra for fuel filter and air filter that wasn't due - but I do low miles and wanted them changing. Local garage did all the lot for about £140 and I saw the parts and they did a good job.
    The main dealer wanted I think £250 for a rear light cluster fitting and £100 of that was for labour - it had only four small nuts holding it on. A local parts place had the same Hella fitting for £50 and I changed it myself.
    I seem to think also the delaer charges £20 per litre for Castrol GTX.
  4. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Use a local bloke for the jobs you can't do yourself and save a fortune.
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  5. I have a local garage service my 8 year old Lexus RX. It had a major service in Feb (drop and change everything, all filters, plugs, fix faults etc.) and it came to £250. And, very happily it just sailed through it's MOT yesterday with no faults. Unless there is something about keeping the warranty, I'd go to a reliable local garge any day of the week once the warranty period has expired. The crux here of course is finding out if your local garage is reliable or not!
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  6. though some low mileage cars will have sat around for ever and a day rusting to ****, so really rules out that little nugget -combine the both maybe or have excpetions, problem is it then gets too complicated for folk to remember. agree on dealerships - c unts the lot of em.
  7. they may also be mechanics and not fitters.
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Not necessarily. If you do 20,000 mostly sitting on the motorway at 70-80mph you will get less wear and tear than someone hacking through city traffic who does 5,000. I'd prefer to see the MoT kept at one year because some people are stupid ***** and will leave it 2 years before having anything checked.

    As for finding a decent garage - if they are Bosch accredited it usually means they have a couple of mechanics, rather than fitters. And you do not have to go to a Main Stealer any more to preserve your warranty.
  9. I'm with Ironduke if I buy a one year old car with 20k on the clock it's likely to have been motorway driving. Most of those miles are likely to be in top gear at fairly low revs.
  10. I try to do most of the work myself and avoid main dealers at all costs ( !) They charge utterly extortionate prices for the simplest job. When the job is beyond me I've got a range of options from the guy in the shed behind the council yard to the "proper" independent garage on the main road - all will do a better job, cheaper - and I'm not paying for the upkeep of a showroom full of shiny men in suits. Last time I took my car into a VW main dealers I was kept waiting an age and then subjected to a script by the "service reception" who had obviously learnt the whole thing off pat. Not a bit of genuine interest. ......unlike both the places I take the Landrover to when pushed - they both let you into the workshop to watch/lend a hand/learn.
  11. Saladin problem is manufacturers seem to make cars that may as well have a do not touch sign on the bonnet.
    Everything is boxed in and not for you to touch.
  12. Most modern cars look daunting under the bonnet, but they are not. Most have a cover over the engine that can be removed in a minute or 2 if that. Once the cover is off there is loads of room to do some DIY stuff if you want to save money. I do all the work on er indoors car as it is a good few years old, but the main family car is only a couple of years old so I have it serviced in the main dealers but only because i have managed to phone around and get a good deal. If you have a VW they are offering some cracking deals in Camberly, just phone them up and be a bit necky. If you don't ask you don't get. I managed to get 2 services and 2 MOTs for less than £350.
    Another option is to speak to the guys in your unit LAD. There will normally be at least 1 guy who will do some work for you. He may not want to do the more complicated stuff, but if he saves you a few bob then bobs your unle so to speak. And before someone comes on and says the REME are sh1t, you get some bad uns but the majority are good enough.
  13. mercedes are complete *********, no matter what goes wrong it has to go on their diagnostic machine(star) so your out a fair few quid just to discover the fault let alone fix it
    europarts is the way to go....its the same stuff cos merc actually don't make anything they're just like any any make they only assemble cars.
  14. Dunno about that mate a local garage manages to sort out my car easily enough.
  15. Renault are one of the biggest offenders.

    Modus 1600 with slush box,5 years old 18,000 on the clock,went in for its MOT/Service,passed no probs,note on the service sheet "cam belt requires renewing,75,000 or 5 years",missus turns round and says how much.....................£894?

    The change the cam belt,the engine/gearbox,and front sub frame have to be dropped out of the car,cost of the cam belt £20,the rest is labour,WTF,I have a friend who lives near Strasbourg,he got me a quote,about 300 euros tops.

    Who the **** designs these things,sorry it would appear the Renault,and small car design are a contradiction in terms.

    Needless to say,next day down the local Ford dealers,PX'ed it for a nice little 1year old Fiesta,great little runabout,2 years warranty left,and 2 years breakdown cover,job jobbed!