Services contain 28 sex offenders

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Random_Task, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. And it's a story from the Telegraph,and not the Sun!


  2. There would be more, but the government keeps legalising the more interesting acts.
  3. About the right ratio in my experience.

    The numbers seem to be missing a few noughts though.
  4. It did say convicted.
  5. Why are they still in?
  6. Could these offences include indecent exposure aka naked bar or bonking in the park, Sexual harrasment- "Show us yer tits darlin" or are we talking rapists and paedos? What about the rights of the majority to know exactly who and what they are potentially dealing with in order to stay safe?
  7. Say you snog a girl in a club who turns out afterwards to be 15, you're looking at a caution and a few years on "the register". It doesn't neccesarily mean you've commited a serious offence.

    I very much doubt there are any convicted pedos or rapists in the ranks. Then again...
  8. keeping the numbers up, they will start on the prisons next.
  9. More breaking news from that article...

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