Servicemens Rifle Clubs - why not?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by DrStealth, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. at my TA center there is a 25 meter indoor range certified for .22LR , most TACs (Territorial Army Centers) and Army camps have these indoor ranges.
    since the SA80 upgrade the sub-cal devices ( .22LR ) are no longer usable in the A2, and many of the indoor ranges are now used for storage or as lessons rooms.

    I have been floating the idea of forming a "Servicemans Small Bore Rifle Club" with some of my fellow stabs, a club were we could use our own .22LR rifles on our TAC range.
    This would be a civvy club for serving and ex (TA and reg) army sportsmen using the Mod indoor range (not exclusively, like minded civvy folk welcome as well)

    The general idea is forming a club in which eventually new members could use to get themselves an FAC and join in the wonderful world of shooting sports.
    further down the line (dream stages now) if these clubs could be formed in other TAC centers or camps, some type of inter unit or area/national small-bore competitions could be held.

    A few questions I have that some posters on ARRSE may help me on getting a club started and formed in the UK -

    who do i contact in the MOD for info and guidance on a club using MOD property?

    is the NSBRA (National Small-Bore Rifle Assn) the governing body for small bore shooting clubs?

    who do i contact for getting HO (Home Office) approval on starting a club?

    any thoughts, general ideas or ploblems you may know about that i should be aware of?



    BTW - a small-bore club is the second idea i have for the unused range, I firstly wanted a 'corporals club kareoke topless disco'. but the boss said no.
  2. outstanding idea, not sure on the legalities so not really any help but we have a clay pidgeon club on camp. so it might not be too wayward an idea.
  3. the indoor ranges at most TACs are built and certified for .22lr only.
    anything bigger would punch holes through the back wall.

    most TACs are close to town/city centers, mines only 5 mins from my house. uber-convenient for a fun plink a couple of nights a week.
    the local cadets use my Territorial Army Center 2 nights a week, these would be good evenings to use, and once in a while invite the sprogs inside for a play and introduce them to shooting sports.

    my local rifle club is also only 5 mins away, it is indoor and has several ranges up to 50m, and is certified up to .45 cal rifles. but, to be honest, the members can be a tad pedantic and boring, my stab mates are more social and fun to hang out with.

    the general idea is for a fun plinking club.
  4. What a great idea, I had a range, however lack of use and maintenance had rendered it unsafe. I wonder how many nore are in a similar state. Good luck though, keep us informed.
  5. I'd make it a rifle club not a small bore rifle club. That way you can always hire MoD ranges for centrefire at a later date.
  6. Already there! It was always a nightmare publicising such stuff, as units tended to turn off the second someone said "no, it's not service rifle".

    Look in Pamphlet 20 (Competition Shooting) and ye shall find - a veritable shedload of non-central (i.e. postal) competitions, a central meeting that coincides with the National Championships in August at Bisley, and an Inter-Services competition each September. Big shiny trophies that will warm the CO's heart...

    You'll find that all of the information gets sent to the "shooting officer" (if one is appointed, and not too overworked) at Bn HQ. Whether the information gets as far as the individual TACs is down to them and the Training Major; it almost certainly arrives.

    Talk to TARA (the TA Rifle Association), and you'll get all the bumf you could possibly want - Derby Lodge in Bisley.

    Add to that the "one army" organisation that is the Army Target Shooting Club (both Regular and TA can join / compete / use the rather nice accommodation on camp) and the framework is already there.

    Talk to the NSRA, here's their site:

    Setting up a club and getting Home Office approval is not too hard, but a lot easier if you've already got FAC holders to act as club officials. It's a bit Catch-22, as you need to be part of a club to get a FAC...

    TAVRA (sorry, RFCA) should have an armoury full of Anschutz target rifles somewhere. Our local UOTC had four in the late 1980s, but by 1995 had all got backloaded by an overenthusiastic QM - strangely, the range magically turned into another store for him....

    As our Battalion drew down under Options and SDR, our armoury filled with a mix of old and new Anschutz (originally, there were two purchased per Rifle Company by TAVRA). I dread to think that they all got flogged cheap or scrapped, most were top-quality prone rifles with low barrel use.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I have run a club that had ocaisional access to a TA range. It is easy to form a club, you can get a constitution from the nationals for free, need 8 members and then you affiliate to a national and apply to your local plod to be a HO approved club. Then comes the free FAC and away youu go. Usual conditions apply for security and ranges and also you may need to restrict membership to serving members of the reserves and cadets etc to get free ish access to the facilities, they arent usually free!
  8. Dogface and EX are right, why limit the idea? best to keep it as a general shooting club.
    thread name changed to 'Servicemans Rifle Clubs'

    Gravelbelly and Ugly, cheers for the tips! i had allready e-mailed the NSRA asking my bone questions, I'm awaiting reply.
    I had a long chinwag with the OC and the RSM again last night, they both think its a good idea and are going to be looking through channels to see what needs to be done to get this off the ground. (cost of renting range, insurance issues ect ect)
    a lot of the guys in the SQN are keen on the idea of having a shooting club, especialy after i started showing them pics of .22LRs like MDNs GSG-5 :D