Servicemen/Servicewomen get Labour Party Discount - Tempted?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Commentator, Sep 26, 2011.

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  1. The Labour Party have a plan to change the membership fees for people in the Services, down from £41 a year to just £1.

    Cheap plan to try and get the numbers up? Or a genuine incentive to join the Labour Party?
    Apparently it will "help establish Labour as the party of the Armed Forces"

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  2. I doubt that will plug the hole in the £10m debt they are carrying.
  3. Been done before months ago HERE
  4. You're not wrong there - Labour have finally closed their party offcie in my constituency, which is now looking somewhat sorry for itself with whitewashed windows in Windsor Road, Chertsey. My local MP is Philip Hammond and even with the Boundary Commission altering the size and shape of his seat, he is still a shoe-in for next time.
  5. Will they be giving discounts to Bankers?

    After all, they WERE the 'Party of the Bankers'
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  6. Apologies, I did a search but put £1 in the search.

    Mods feel free to delete.
  7. I think you've miss-spelt a certain word in that phrase no?
  8. I'd rather die of Ebola. Those ***** left a £30bn black hole in the defence budget that will screw British forces for a generation. And sent us to two wars on a peacetime budget whilst firehosing cash at their diversity and outreach co-ordinator Client State. We only got kit we needed (and a fuckload of kit we didn't - see £30bn Black Hole) if it was built in a marginal constituency. I won't even start on the H&S, Human Rights and Diversity Cock Clag those dribbling retards foisted on the Armed Forces that have cost lives.

    And that's before we even get to how that Cycloptic fuckwit and his Blinky Friend screwed up the British economy.

    "Party of the Armed Forces". **** them and the horses they rode in on.
    If you need me to clarify my remarks then I will be happy to do so. I believe I have understated my anger.
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  9. Does a Labour Party membership get a discount in brothels or fast food joints? No? I'll save my quid then.

  10. Like a scene from the classic film ...

    The Fall of the Roman Empire "
  11. It comes with a "Get out Of Jail Free" card tho'. :)
  12. I think there is one significant difference from the original proposition, in that it would now include serving personnel as well as veterans. ISTR that the original plan was aimed at veterans only.

    This is based on media speculation, presumably well-founded, ahead of Jim Murphy's speech sometime today. Even then we may not see all the detail. For example, for how long will an individual's free membership continue.

    In principle I think this should not be unwelcome. If nothing else it makes the point to potential supporters of any political party that regular personnel are not banned from party membership - only from taking an active part in a party's business.
  13. Does it come with free instructions on how to make expense claims?
  14. Ah but that was before the bankers turned out to be the Great Satan and destroyers of Western civilization.
  15. How much is Tory party membership?