Servicemen may lose their vote.

The following article appeared in yesterday's Southern Echo;-

Men and women in the Armed Services are in danger of losing their right to vote, according to Isle of Wight M.P. Andrew Turner.
He is sending an urgent appeal to families on the island to warn their relatives serving in the Armed Forces, who may be unaware of changes to the law.
Previously, Service Personnel could complete a voter registration card which was valid until they were discharged or reregistered elsewhere. Since 2000, a new Government Act requires them to reregister to vote every year.
In 2001, there were 822 registered Service Voters on the island, this has fallen to 76 - a drop of 91%. It is important that Service Personnel register before the end of this year. Mr. Turner said; "It is unacceptable that people willing to risk their lives trying to safeguard democracy abroad should be left without a basic democratic right in their own country."

The BLiar Bunch obviously have an inkling that Service Personnel may not be fervent supporters of New Liabour - solution = Make sure they can't vote.

Nice one, Tony! :evil: :evil:

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