Servicemen in Iraq less stressed than British emergency services

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. I wonder what the stats would have been if they had just interviewed those who had seen/done something that might trigger stress, rather than a sample across the board which might have included people who although were in theatre didnt witness anything dramatic.
  2. Interesting stuff, will try and get hold of the whole paper for a read. I wonder if it is related to training at all? Having not gone through either military or emergency services training of any sort (yet), I can't comment on the differences between the two, but I expect there are those here who can.
  3. What ****ing psychologists? There are none at Headley. Is this just another bullshit made up story?
  4. Are there any UK troops left in Iraq? If not, that might explain why the firemen are more stressed than them.
  5. I think there is only about 50 left in Iraq and are there as a training team for the Iraqi Army.
    A member on here is out there at the moment as a staff officer instructor instructing thier.... er staff officers.
  6. All of you clearly have no understanding of what an aa patrolman has to face on a daily basis year after year.
  7. "Those who reported psychological distress were most likely to be young, female, in the Army, and of junior rank."

    I'm sold.

  8. I read that bit, I'm wondering if the female bit is down to them not getting treated the same as they do out of theatre, IE the fact they sometimes almost get treated the same as men.
  9. What.
    You mean.
    Sometimes SWORN AT?
    How could you?
  10. That's not stress. Unless they've been having naked orgies with a ten man pile on.
  11. As the actual Telegraph article makes clear, the figures are based on a survey of 611 service men and women carried out at eight locations in Iraq in Jan-Feb 2009.
  12. Now you talkin Dingerr!!!!!
  13. It's probably true ............ there are sevicemen, a breed apart and a breed above........... and there are others.
  14. Is that 8 locations in the COB?

    A survey carried out of 611 service personnel found that women completed it in a girlie manner (I.e with an element of truth) and the fellas filled it in a manly manner (I.e as a joke).

    I've filled out numerous surveys, got bored after 10 questions then ticked a for the remainder.