Service with the TA whilst receiving a war pension

Whilst I was in the regular army I received two relatively bad injuries, as a result of which I have been awarded with a war pension. What restrictions would this have (awaiting incoming here!) on me being in the TA, under the same capbadge that i was under whilst regular.

Two scenario's on this issue and I've seen both.

1. Nothing is said about your pension and as long as you meet the minimum medical requirement for the unit crack on

2. Payment of pension is suspended.

It appears to really depend on how much you are getting and the severity of the injury. Knowing your cap badge and likely intended unit I would suggest the latter is more likely than the former, as the PSAO for that unit thinks he pays the whole Army from his budget and would hate to think you getting anything 'extra'
MtoG - not the expert, but we have/had two folk in the same category, one injured as a Regular years ago and one on Telic and as far as I am aware service is/was unaffected. Only issue will be is that if you mobilise you lose the war pension. Others may know more and it may depend on cap-badge and needs for such.

I'd be a bit cautious around this one. As I understand it, a war pension is related to disability. If you are now fit enough to serve in a medically fit capacity (including TA), you may lose your entitlement to the pension. Is this what you'd want financially?

I am a military (i.e. term of regular service related) pensioner who is in the Reserves. On mobilisation my payments were suspended, although the time I spent mobilised contributed towards my pension.
While I was in the TA I received a one off 'war pension' payment for back injury traceable to my regular service. Like you, I wondered where I stood. But I noticed that the payment came from the Social Security ministry (which may be called something else now) - which seemed to have no link to the Army at all. So, left hand, right hand, the anomaly was never followed up.

Might have been different if I'd been getting regular pension payments rather than a lump sum, I suppose.

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