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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mag_to_grid, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. I am thinking about applying to my local Police force again (4th time lucky maybe!) when they start recruiting again in the near future however where will this leave me in regards to me being in the TA if i was lucky enough to be accepted? During the probation period would I have to bin it or would I be allowed to carry on with my TA service??
  2. I'm sure this has already been covered plenty of times... I think you can, providing your force's allocation for TA personnel is not full.
  3. During probation I think you have to bin it afterwards you can serve if there are vaccanies.
  4. It does just depend on which police force you join and whether they have met their maximum TA for the moment, I have heard of people joining police with no probs doing TA too.
  5. Some forces have a cap on members of the TA, some don't. Where you going for?

    You should also be able to arrange a leave of absence from the TA for police training if you ask nicely.

    (PS. Don't put you signature line on your application form)
  6. my mate wants to join and he is short with ginger hair so you should be ok.

    i spent the night in the cells on a TA weekend so does that mean that i was in the Police
  7. Suspect your bigger problem is going to be the time to do both - have various friends who are police officers who were in the TA, but found that the demands from both conflicted with the other.
  8. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I of course did many years in the US Army Reserve and managed to keep my police career going. I always had a few problems with conflicts between the two; however, in most cases I was always able to 'work' them out. Sometimes my butt was dragging from lack of sleep, etc. going from the job (Graveyard shift) to the unit, in the morning.

    I had to arrange some leaves of absence with the Police to attend some schools and extended active duty tours. In those cases I had to exist on my Army pay and Bennies.

    I had to 'makeup' a lot of weekend drills, on my police days off. The Special Forces unit that I belonged to, had people report on a Friday afternoon and kept you until Sunday late afternoon. Many times they would fly off to another State on Friday night and para-jump into an area for a tactical problem, to return Sunday.

    Most LE angencies here in the USA have a large precentage of National Guard and Reserve people in their ranks.

    Good Luck!
  9. This is still a gray area for me. when i went for my interviews the lady said i would not be able to carry on with the TA. i then met my training SGT who then said i could carry on s normal and not to worry about about anything. i have now been in the police for nealry 2 years and coming to the end of my probation.

    the biggest problem i have had is juggleing the two. it is hard to do weekends. the shifts i work i only get two weekends off in five and that takes into account seeing firlfriend and the need to just realx and take it easy. it is a good balance if you can get it but work wise i have not really had a problem yet. jsut be prepared to get frustraited that you cant do the weekends when you want cos you have to work.
  10. Mag to grid. Can you tell me:

    1. What your local force's priorities are?
    2. What's the ethnic makeup of their community?
    3. What are the biggest issues facing these communities (ie what do they moan about most)?
    4. How many staff, both police and support staff, do they have and how does this and their area compare in size to other forces?
    5. Why do you want to join the police?
    6. How are you engaged with your local community (other than just living there I mean)? Are you the members of any clubs/societies, do you volunteer or are you in the PTA for example?
    7. How does the total number of crimes on your area break down, how many violent crimes, burglary (dwelling) and racist crimes do you have for example?
    8. Have you read/watched the Chief Constable' annual report prior to your application? (It'll give you the answers to most of the above)
    9. What do you understand by the term 'local' / 'neighbourhood' policing and does your force have any such teams?
    10. What do you think about PCSO'S?

    If you can/have answered these I'd say your preparing quite well and maybe you have one too many 'wrong un's' in your family or they just don't like you!
  11. Never mind that; the trick is not to ask "When do I get a gun".

    That should see you through!