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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by hellfyyr, Jan 16, 2010.

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  1. I am sorry if this has been done before but a quick trawl leaves me unable to find the topic. In addition I am also aware of the great work done in the past by Hackle on this topic but please bear with me.

    We are about to have a General Election and I suspect that there are a great deal of service personnel who are not registered to vote. I am one of them and presently based in Germany. I have just got off my arrse and had a look through the 'Aboutmyvote' website

    When I chose the 'Armed Forces' tab it asked for my postcode (BFPO address entered) and lo and behold it would not accept the address or in fact proceed any further. The FAQ section is equally rubbish with no understanding of BFPO or overseas service voters.

    I think that this should be rectified as a matter of priority and decent guidance provided so that service personnel (and wives/dependents) get their vote!
  2. Bump........I spent a lot of time with Hackle and others raising this issue in 2005; don't lose the opportunity vote.
  3. Okies.. two minute look at the site gave...

    So where would you choose to live if you were not posted?

  4. Dunfermline East one would hope.
    All of you......
  5. I don't know how to get back to it, but I did actually raise this point when I first posted on ARRSE. Good for you. It's a scandal IMO. The whole procedure for service personnel and their dependants is cumbersome and unfriendly. Radical (with a capital R) change is required. They should be able to register with a central office and vote online or by telephone (in addition to existing arrangements). They should also have the unique entitlement to vote for any candidate in the UK. It would make their interests (as what is essentially a minority community) suddenly much more important to politicians and might considerably improve their lot.

    I've floated this concept with the RBL previously, but it found little support. I think it is bloody important and that it should be pushed forward until it cannot be ignored. Anyone who says there isn't a problem, is a muddle headed dinosaur, dead wood and an obstacle to change. There IS a problem and it must be rectified. I want the soldier who is risking his life in Afghanistan to be able to vote and the truth is, it's extremely difficult for all but the most tenacious military voter, to do so.
  6. The only elections I have failed to have my vote submitted in since I 'came of age' (proxy quite a lot of the time) were the Euro ones last year when I was on Telic. Just no way to beat my way through the system between mobbing and last application date for proxy votes.

    Now, a 1st gen immigrant on benefits with multiple wives, especially in Brum, bets his paperwork would go through like a rocket or the mandatory HRA case would get full Legal Aid.

    Am I pissed off? God, yes I am!
  7. I also saw this but points remain that site wont accept BFPO and you have to faff around to find fairly rubbish information. I will give them fecking 'I'd go Direct Gov!'...
  8. Your Unit is required to have a voting registration officer. It will probably be the RAO /Det Comd or Adjutant. He has to file returns to say that all personnel have been briefed-obviously you haven't. Find out who it is and ask them for the relevant paperwork.
  9. There's a sticky on Service Voting in the Current Affairs forum.