Service Voting damaging your credit score.

Discussion in 'Economics' started by FNUSNU, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. I have recently discovered that as a Service Voter your details are not shared with the Credit Reference agencies. This adversely affects all Service Voter's credit scores. I know registering as a service voter gives us added security but the Credit Reference agencies are trusted bodies. I have tried providing proof of residence to the agencies provided by the local council but the agencies will not accept this. I have effectively dissapeared off the electoral roll radar for a number of years now as will all other Service Voters. One of the maion problems is that you are not told this will happen if you register as a Service Voter and I'm sure that many people would not be happy to know their credit scores are being damaged as a result of serving your country. Has anyone else come across this and have you managed to get any kind of resolution?
  2. Got a link to that bit of information?
  3. No link, I noticed it after checking my Experian and Equifax credit file before I bought my house. I then called both agencies who told me about the service voter exclusion.
  4. That's weird, before I registered to vote as a service voter I couldn't get credit. Now I have credit cards and a mortgage as a service voter.

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  5. Mr_Fingerz

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    Does this also apply to those who are not shown on the electoral roll because of the nature of their jobs?

    (Customs Officers etc - before you laugh some of them do very hairy jobs and they're lucky that only one (Peter Bennet) has been killed in the line of duty in modern times).
  6. does it bollox, Im registered to vote through the service voter form, and as it is registered with your local council, it gets added to the 3 main credit agencies, think someone is calling crap on the end of the line, callcredit/equifax/experian see it and update it yearly.
  7. Try paying off your mortgage if you really want to knacker your credit. Or better still, have no debt, loans or credit, you are the lowest of the low then.

    (Wish I was)
  8. Credit Expert and Equifax both told me the same thing. They claim service voters details are not given to them for security reasons.
  9. The credit reference agencies have access the the full register anyway for crime prevention purposes.
  10. I can vouch for this, I am registered with creditexpert and one of the red marks against my credit score is that I am not registered to vote, I am registered... but as a service voter.