Service vehicle reg numbers

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by polar69, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. Why is it that service vehicles dont have "normal" reg plates or display road tax ?

    There must be a reason but does anyone know why ?
  2. Are they insured?

    used to be a rumour that if a mill vehicle struck a civvi vehicle it was a case of "and what colour do you want that in?"
  3. The MOD used to "self-insure" but that was expensive and it is now handled by a contractor.

    That's a good question about the VRN although it might have something to do with the non-payment of Road Tax. All white fleet vehicles have normal plates and are fully taxed. The green fleet and your average CR2 is exempt... in "if you insist on charging me for Road Tax, I will insist on putting a 120mm round through your office".

  4. The only tax we pay is on the fuel we use, we dont get that tax free im afraid. But i expect the reason for not having "normal" VRN's is then Joe Public would know how old our vehicles are, which in some cases could be quite embarrassing!!
    1975 tanker in 2005......mmm! Modern Army!!!
  5. As for insurance every driver is insured on that vehicle as long as they have filled their name in on the back of the work ticket and signed it prior to driving.
  6. I would imagine the reason military vehicles have their own range of VRNs is because they are owned by the crown and therefore are not registered at any local DVLA office and also they can be located anywhere in the world and do not need to have local registration. The reason they are exempt tax is probably because there is very little point in one government department paying monies to another which is all that would happen.
  7. White fleet only got civvy number plates in the late 1980's, mainly to make them less obvious to PIRA I believe. They didn't have tax discs back then though as I recall. There was something like a tax disc that i presume was an exemption. Perhaps tax discs were introduced to make it even less obvious to PIRA.
  8. alot of white fleet now is hired from outside agencies
  9. For my sins I was an SO3 who dealt with the global fleet.

    1. My Bold -Correct and the reason is very historical - pre WW2.

    2. Non -bold - wrong. HMF pays VAT on ALL of its vehicles and Car Tax on ALL of its straight commercials including the so-called Safari Rovers. Like the Civil Service gives a fcuk about double handling :D

    Oh and they aren't VRN's they are ERM's - Equipment Registration Marks.
  10. Not quite, MPS cars carry a tax disk but all it says in it is £ 0:00.

  11. One out of two isn't bad.
  12. Its good - it was the most fcuking boring job in the world and gave me lots of grief - let me mention one class of vehicle - Staff Cars! 'Nuff said?
  13. quick question, i have seen a 5 series bmw on mil plates leaving raf stafford in about '03, also they had mil plated coches at my atr. whats that all about.

  14. Don't know IG - I left the job last time in 1990 but I suspect (but don't know) that they were just civvie vehicles being procured in a small batch rather than an entire fleet. Beemer sounds like a Car Salloon Grade A (2 Star and above in Command Appointments).

    Feck me I need to get out more :D