Service Test?

I'm looking to find out what the Service Test and I can't find much luck in finding out, with only 24 hours to find out I was wondering if anyone know and could recite it? :?
As a soldier it comes down to this;

You will be given training and guidance
on the British Army’s Values and Standards,
so that you understand them and can live
by them. Your conduct will be measured
against this simple test, known as the
Service Test:

“ Have your actions or behaviour badly
affected, or are they likely to affect the
operational effectiveness of your unit”
More info here incase you were asleep during MATTs
deliberately woolly in order that it can be interpreted, if the cap fits, wear it!
Try armynet. They have the up-to-date handbook downloadable in PDF format.
Fecking billies. Inability to read "anything to do with joining the regular Army goes in here" is now obviously a requirement.

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