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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bilbo, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. Does it exist (on paper it does)? Everyone harps on about it so often or is it a means to an end and a get out clause when suits?????
  2. Read MATTS 6.
  3. Well, if the CoC decide that you have gone against any of these then you will be deemed to have failed 'The Service Test'. Its nothing new. It's just made easier to know where the line is now and a guideline to ensure the unit works properly. It is effective when used correctly and most of the time the guidelines laid out in the V and S are there to assist a soldier in knowing where that line is. For example, dont shag the Tp Sgts missus (or at least dont get caught).

    Not too sure what you mean when you say 'means to an end' or 'get out clause'. Who for? The soldier or the CoC?

    Or are you on about an entirely different Service Test??
  4. Yes but it only seems to be used when suits
  5. Do you work in a small room by yourself?

    If not, then perhaps unknowingly, you use it all the time.

  6. When suits or when needed?

    The idea of V and S and the service test is to ensure the guidlines are fairly clear to all concerned and should do away with 'ambiguous calls'. Of course, the primary directives can be open to interpretation which is what I suspect you are getting at?
  7. 1000,10000,50000 miles?
  8. But it appears that the service test holds no water unless you are a senior and should know better.......

  9. I'm guessing this isn't a random question but ever so slightly leading. :roll:

    I'm guessing you are intimating to a story that concerns you or someone near you and you feel that 'justice' hasn't been dealt fairly?

    C'mon. You can tell us. ;)

    Whos' been shagging your missus?
  10. Bilbo, if you have something to say, why not get it off your chest
  11. You're not a suddenly-ex-WO2 with a laptop full of home made movies tastefully framed by curtains, by any chance?
  12. Thread fires, thread fires, thread stops.

    Upon looking at the text you see a dodgy character who appears to have been rumbled. Carry on. :D
  13. No not at all just guaging opinion from other cynics.

  14. Us cynics will need more meat on the bones to give you a gauged opinion matey. ;)
  15. This cynic's opinion is that it's nothing more than common moral decency phrased so that it can be understood by all and capable of being acknowledged by PC-philes that the Army has such documentation in place.